Valuable Skills in the Automation Economy

I have shared about the need to unlearn and reinvent continually because of market forces all around you and the pace of change. Once you see something that was once hard become convenient, commoditized and automated, you have to unlearn and relearn. I think that the Harvard Business Review has it right with the kind ofContinue reading “Valuable Skills in the Automation Economy”

Value is Perishable

I keep up with a lot of blogs in my reader and I came across this article from a fun, candid article at Budgets Are Sexy. I like reading articles from bloggers that put the raw truth of their journey out there. It’s bold and courageous of them. This article was a reflection and aContinue reading “Value is Perishable”

Forget Being Well-Rounded

I see people every day in business lost on what they should or can do. The old rules where you were a good boy or girl and advanced up a ladder doesn’t play out much today. You can’t simply rest on your laurels and hope someone notices enough to develop a career path for you.Continue reading “Forget Being Well-Rounded”

Innovate and Leave the Industrial Age Behind

We are in a major election cycle and the promise of jobs keeps coming up as if the candidates can magically create jobs and fill out the shrinking middle class by decree. Ever take a look at the recent 10 Worst Companies to Work For article? Why do people hang on and work for theseContinue reading “Innovate and Leave the Industrial Age Behind”

A Productivity Strategy for Freedom and Agility We have so much today that our grandparents could not even fathom. The resources we have access to and the new sharing economy make possessing items a liability. Techcrunch captured our reality well in its article, Life, by subscription. From my vantage point, it is all the reason to consider why it’s not so greatContinue reading “A Productivity Strategy for Freedom and Agility”

Assume What Worked Before is Not True Anymore

It can be overwhelming and plain daunting when you look at the speed of how media, attention and content work. The same is true for sales, entrepreneurship and business building. You have the problem of exponential change around you and our brains don’t lean this way naturally. We like to think progress is slow, notContinue reading “Assume What Worked Before is Not True Anymore”

Fooled by Automation Did you hear about the Georgia Tech teaching assistant, Jill Watson? Using machine learning and automated, human responses, students were fooled by the artificial intelligence machine learning experience. The approach to engaging people goes beyond classrooms and is continually being pushed in the marketplace. While we could previously understand how automation could efficiently buildContinue reading “Fooled by Automation”

Find the Disproportionate Sales Channel

The power law is alive and well. If you have not figured it out already and are one of those souls insisting in a flatter, linear and evenly distributed world, your aspirations might be highly elusive and frustrating. For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have,Continue reading “Find the Disproportionate Sales Channel”

Think Big But Work Small

There’s no shortage of opportunities today. In fact, it’s cheaper and more convenient than ever to envision and put an idea you may have into play. Imagine trying to make your idea happen in the 1960’s. It would be both extremely expensive and difficult to get it out for others to even take notice. That’sContinue reading “Think Big But Work Small”

Embracing Consolidation

We are on a continuous journey of increasing efficiency. That’s what you feel happening around you when your job disappears or businesses come and go. There are only customers and what they want. There’s only the collective thinking from an enormous amount of talented people compounding on top of existing technologies and platforms. These areContinue reading “Embracing Consolidation”

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