Minimize Switching Costs Between Systems

The presentation from Google’s team on interface, flow and usability in their G Suite products has a helpful comment, “A company is the sum of its processes.” The 12 minute mark of the presentation is helpful to understand the cost of context switching. This happens each time we have to move from one software, appContinue reading “Minimize Switching Costs Between Systems”

Technology Darwinism

Automattic, the makers of this blogging platform, WordPress, bought Tumblr for less than 2% of it’s previous acquisition price of $1.1B. The hype has  died with another platform. And technology darwinism, survival of the fittest, the tried and true, is brutally pervasive. Social can make you feel like something is happening. But, it’s hard toContinue reading “Technology Darwinism”

The Strategy of Going with the Winner

There is an irony about free markets that the collective participates in. On the one hand, we have massive choice in many categories. On the other hand, over time, we have a winner-take-all outcome. Over time, people consolidate and choose the best. We don’t have all these phones. We have iPhones. We have Starbucks, NetflixContinue reading “The Strategy of Going with the Winner”

Value is Perishable

I keep up with a lot of blogs in my reader and I came across this article from a fun, candid article at Budgets Are Sexy. I like reading articles from bloggers that put the raw truth of their journey out there. It’s bold and courageous of them. This article was a reflection and aContinue reading “Value is Perishable”

The Goal of Your System

If you are sitting comfortably, there’s not much incentive to improve your systems. However, disruptors such as technology, competition and atrophy (i.e., Groupon), may force your hand to get your systems more efficient. I’ve been sharing out various books around the area of business growth and efficiency lately. A classic I would recommend if youContinue reading “The Goal of Your System”

I Want to Grow Opportunities with Apps

I saw this recent statistic to date for number of apps for my Apple devices at 2.2 million and 2.8 million for Google Play! It blows my mind how much technology is available for every average person out there with a thought and a click. We got here fast. When you look at these numbers, doContinue reading “I Want to Grow Opportunities with Apps”

Reinvent Yourself Before You’re Forced To

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” ~ Robert Greene Things work … until they don’t. We bought stories previously that made sense. Advertising works because people pay attention. A horse and buggy is the way to travel. Everyone should meet for lunch to do business. ConglomeratesContinue reading “Reinvent Yourself Before You’re Forced To”

Skip the Line and Take Smartcuts

Shane Snow’s Smartcuts is an excellent read to get you off your mundane thinking tracks and moving laterally towards results. The insights from case studies of those hackers that have skipped the line and percolated up inspire and inform those that want to figure out how to get results fast with creativity and lateral thinking. InContinue reading “Skip the Line and Take Smartcuts”

Above All Be Human

We live in unprecedented times with automation, technology and ridiculous speed. It can delude us into thinking we have immense power and reach when in actuality, we do business and work in a world of human beings. Our interactions, slights, likes, moods, and movements matter in whether we want to have anything to do withContinue reading “Above All Be Human”

Leveling Up

If the world was a static place, you could make your bed, set things in order and watch your money-making job or business simply cash flow without disruption. However, we don’t live in Narnia. It’s not a place of bliss and perfection. Now that everyone is connected and able to make change, it forces yourContinue reading “Leveling Up”

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