How to Create Content that People Care About

I have a lot of resources on my site from many years of helping people in concrete, real-life ways. Check out the most recent resource on creating content that is valuable to people. At the end of the day, you either truly contribute and help people in specific ways, or are simply in the way,Continue reading “How to Create Content that People Care About”

Find the Few and Disregard the Many

A few projects matter. So do a few relationships and a few tools. It’s so easy to simply accumulate stuff and throw horsepower into everything. While thinking that should cover over any deficiencies, what is often hidden is the cost in the form of waste, unclarity and management overhead. We don’t have unlimited attention, resourcesContinue reading “Find the Few and Disregard the Many”

Design the Customer Journey

Yes, I understand you want money. You want people to buy now. The temptation to simply expect and demand cash is so high and blinding that it’s hard for a seller to see why money becomes elusive. In some cases when the pain is high – root canals, broken transmissions, fallen bridges – the customerContinue reading “Design the Customer Journey”

Instead of Complaining Become Better

One of the sobering and honest parts about the marketplace is that you might try any philosophy or approach you like, but it may not work. Your great intention does not necessarily mean that others have to go along. That can be quite a shocking realization for a generation that may have been given andContinue reading “Instead of Complaining Become Better”

Creativity Not Productivity

We had this age of efficiency and continuous improvement for a long time. When the Japanese were destroying us in the auto industry with better quality cars we buckled down and hyper focused on quality. It worked. ISO standards, Deming Cycles and Six Sigma drove quality to new standards, and we produced a generation ofContinue reading “Creativity Not Productivity”

Here’s How You Build Trust With Clients

It’s hard living in an imperfect world, especially with people that might expect perfectionism. Perfectionism is not realistic. There are too many variables, players on the field and unrealistic expectations to muddy the waters of doing good business. But, being in the connected human economy affords us the opportunity to work with imperfection and evenContinue reading “Here’s How You Build Trust With Clients”

A Little Strategy Please

Any fool can muster up motivation and go for it. You may finally want to act on an idea or make your business work more efficiently in a moment of inspiration. However, acting simply on emotion and motivation without thinking through options, strategies and ideas can get costly and wasteful. It’s a loser’s mindset. DoingContinue reading “A Little Strategy Please”

Keep Score Everyday

I don’t find games very engaging without keeping score. My kids are the same way. Once we inject some kind of scoring, it becomes much more fun, and the focus and intensity go up right away. It’s natural. We’ve had decades of socializing trying to tell us otherwise, but I don’t see that working muchContinue reading “Keep Score Everyday”

Productivity Hack: Get Scheduling Commitments

It’s Friday and most of the world is checking out. These days, with the connected economy, it’s not much of a work day. But it’s a great ritual every week to line up your next week. So, here’s a little strategy you can use at the end of the week so you don’t simply launchContinue reading “Productivity Hack: Get Scheduling Commitments”

Get Real and Ignore Vanity Metrics

My clients and friends know that I beat that mantra, “Most things don’t matter.” One area that this particularly applies to is vanity metrics. These are the stats, conversions or data that simply do not matter or are too cluttered to manage towards the one thing that does matter – results. Your carefully defined goals areContinue reading “Get Real and Ignore Vanity Metrics”

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