Simplifying Choices for Your Customers

Every bit of complexity can keep your customer from taking a next step with you in your engagements and work. We are inundated with choice and information. You can be both a welcome resource and helpful partner by taking stock and simplifying how you do business. Here are some areas to consider streamlining to makeContinue reading “Simplifying Choices for Your Customers”

Be Personal in Networking But Don’t Take Things Personally

How much value do you add? That’s the key question I ask each day when I am out in the world of business. It may not be a perfect question, but the free market is open. People are free to make decisions on their own on what they value. You are valuable when you canContinue reading “Be Personal in Networking But Don’t Take Things Personally”

Get Real and Ignore Vanity Metrics

My clients and friends know that I beat that mantra, “Most things don’t matter.” One area that this particularly applies to is vanity metrics. These are the stats, conversions or data that simply do not matter or are too cluttered to manage towards the one thing that does matter – results. Your carefully defined goals areContinue reading “Get Real and Ignore Vanity Metrics”

Most Things Are a No

I like to start my days working my ongoing Gmail Task list. The best way to complete a project is to simply delete it, forget about it and move on. So, the first thing I do is eliminate tasks and projects that may have originated with sincere intentions but lack impact towards my goals today.Continue reading “Most Things Are a No”

You Have Limited Options for Selling

When we discuss sales strategies with clients, there’s commonly a misnomer about what options are available. We live in an attention-starved world full of information and glamorous messages that cloud our thinking. The reality is that for B2B Professional Selling, especially of professional services, you don’t have that many options for selling consistently and growingContinue reading “You Have Limited Options for Selling”

Building a Money Making Foundation

Money is flowing every day. Deals are made. People pull out their credit cards continuously  to buy what they want. We don’t have to create demand as much as we need to sell things that people want to buy and make it easy for them to do so. If you are so impatient and frenziedContinue reading “Building a Money Making Foundation”

Growth Hacking Approach to Avoid Stupid Selling

Manners matter. We know that interrupting people face-to-face is rude and can be quite embarrassing. Our social norms make it too risky to attempt to force our agendas and wills upon people we encounter in person. However, with distance and virtualization, there are still the unimaginative souls who persist in trying to violate basic manners.Continue reading “Growth Hacking Approach to Avoid Stupid Selling”

Nobody Wants to Meet for Lunch

Lunch was the way business got done. But it’s not the way of the world these days in a connected economy. A few reasons people don’t want to meet you: It’s going to take 3 hours. Maybe an hour lunch, but fighting traffic, getting out of a groove and getting back into a groove isContinue reading “Nobody Wants to Meet for Lunch”

Growth Hacking With Your Learning

As you are growing your business, ultimately it comes down to how much value you gain and add to other people. The more value you add by being valuable, the more your business grows. Unfortunately, most people are just looking for the money without realizing it is a correlation to how much value they canContinue reading “Growth Hacking With Your Learning”

Growth Hacking by Networking with the Business Cycle

If you notice there’s a weekly business cycle. Try getting someone’s attention on a Monday morning and you will find unreturned calls and a frenetic pace. Now try touching base with people on Friday mornings and you have a much more relaxed conversation on the phone. There is a weekly cycle we are on, andContinue reading “Growth Hacking by Networking with the Business Cycle”

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