Troy Carter of Lady Gaga and Atom Factory Kept Learning and Unlearning

I like spending the weekends thinking, learning and relaxing. The weeks are such a grind and intensive with deal making and doing business. Today, I was having some reflections on the NPR podcast, How I Build This: Lady Gaga & Atom Factory: Troy Carter. I embedded it above and you can find the transcript here. Troy CarterContinue reading “Troy Carter of Lady Gaga and Atom Factory Kept Learning and Unlearning”

Schedule Working Meetings

I am a big fan of working meetings. They cut through the back and forth of getting something done. It actually creates time and space to get real work done in real-time with another person or group. Too often, we talk about the secondary stuff: What we are going to do. When we are goingContinue reading “Schedule Working Meetings”

How to Game Opportunities Your Way

It really is enticing to buy into some fad, secret sauce or crowd hype especially when it comes to deal making and opportunities. It feels secure to do the “right things” and rely on determinism. That kind of thinking may have been true before the floodgates of access were opened and anyone and everyone couldContinue reading “How to Game Opportunities Your Way”

In a World of Too Much

We live in a world of too many options, not too little. Solving your business problems is less about innovating and developing something new, and it is much more about putting together the pieces that are available in our democratized tech and knowledge world. Consider all the options you have at your fingertips these days:Continue reading “In a World of Too Much”

Watch People’s Faces to See What They Value

I’m glad I get to do business in the connected economy rather than times past such as the industrial age. You can make your ideas happen so quickly without a ton of gatekeepers that had to give you access and permission to create, distribute or sell something. If you want to put a book out,Continue reading “Watch People’s Faces to See What They Value”

Indiscriminate Business

The illusion we have today in the marketplace is the buffet trap. We see everything that is available to us. This includes apps, freemium software, business ideas, low-cost labor and new growth hacking strategies. It’s all available and cheaper and more accessible than ever. But if we gorge with indiscriminate adoption, we underestimate the messContinue reading “Indiscriminate Business”

Growth Hacking with Extreme Networking

It is expensive and difficult to market your business with advertising and low conversion strategies. If you believe that business is ultimately people, then consider growing your business by paying attention to the connections you make. One growth hacking habit that can pay extreme dividends over time is to focus on the personal connections youContinue reading “Growth Hacking with Extreme Networking”

Growth Hacking with Testing in These 6 Sales Channels

Selling your products or services today in an overcrowded, inattentive marketplace has a high degree of difficulty for sure. You may have the best offering, but what does that mean if you can’t connect and get people to pay attention? If you break down sales into channels and testing, you can create a growth hackingContinue reading “Growth Hacking with Testing in These 6 Sales Channels”

Growth Hacking With Your Learning

As you are growing your business, ultimately it comes down to how much value you gain and add to other people. The more value you add by being valuable, the more your business grows. Unfortunately, most people are just looking for the money without realizing it is a correlation to how much value they canContinue reading “Growth Hacking With Your Learning”

Implement This Critical Growth Hacking Technique

You may not have big data as the likes of Wal-Mart online or Amazon. However, if you don’t understand your data set from how customers buy and engage with you, then your selling efforts can be highly wasteful. You could be working on things that don’t matter and waste money in the wrong areas tryingContinue reading “Implement This Critical Growth Hacking Technique”

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