Hell Yeah! or No Works

I read Derek Sivers’ mantra years ago, “Either ‘Hell Yeah!’ or ‘no.”┬áIt’s a fantastic way to live and do business. Most things don’t work out. And a lot of time, money and relational equity can be wasted when taking on what appears to be good projects or endeavors, but they are not necessarily the bestContinue reading “Hell Yeah! or No Works”

An Important Thought to Have

I think a lot about how to make someone’s experience world-class. It’s fun. I’ve had a lot of meetings, calls and project work in the last week with clients, team members and partners. It’s important to me that I add a little bit more in my interactions and experiences. I think life and business areContinue reading “An Important Thought to Have”

How to Game Opportunities Your Way

It really is enticing to buy into some fad, secret sauce or crowd hype especially when it comes to deal making and opportunities. It feels secure to do the “right things” and rely on determinism. That kind of thinking may have been true before the floodgates of access were opened and anyone and everyone couldContinue reading “How to Game Opportunities Your Way”

Buyer Behavior

I recently took my car to Reliable Chevrolet to have my Corvette serviced for inoperable signal lights. This was the fourth time my car had this identical problem. Since my last visit to Reliable Chevrolet, my warranty had expired and you can pretty much guess what happened. Reliable Chevrolet became Unreliable Chevrolet! They weren’t thinkingContinue reading “Buyer Behavior”