Getting the Right Things Done

“I have come to learn that part of the business strategy is to solve the simplest, easiest, and most valuable problem. And actually, in fact, part of doing strategy is to solve the easiest problem, so part of the reason why you work on software and bits is that atoms [physical products] are actually veryContinue reading “Getting the Right Things Done”

Reduce the Handoffs to Increase Efficiency

Every handoff in your business is a failure point. When one person is handling information and moving execution to the next step, often you can get things done without many mistakes or delays. When you have to hand off a lead, support call, requirements, or project task, it’s risk. What if the information is notContinue reading “Reduce the Handoffs to Increase Efficiency”

Schedule Working Meetings

I am a big fan of working meetings. They cut through the back and forth of getting something done. It actually creates time and space to get real work done in real-time with another person or group. Too often, we talk about the secondary stuff: What we are going to do. When we are goingContinue reading “Schedule Working Meetings”

Hidden Habits

The older I get the less I assume that success and failure is accidental. Something hidden led up to what we see. We simply don’t look behind the appearance enough. Success in business, life, family, relationships and finances have hidden habits behind them. But it’s not fashionable to think that the slow, consistent and committedContinue reading “Hidden Habits”

The Only Answer is Repetition

At some point, there’s nothing more to change or create. You know what to do and only dogged determination and repetition with accountability will work. This is the part of scaling that moves the ball inches at a time and is quite painful. Repeating what everyone has agreed to can seem tedious, but it isContinue reading “The Only Answer is Repetition”

Solve Your Slow Workflow Now

Most people are in utter chaos. Try calling someone today in the middle of the day and a random sampling will show you how frenzied and reactive most people are operating. Our heads are spinning from the ridiculous amount of information, most which does not matter. But we still have to give attention to theContinue reading “Solve Your Slow Workflow Now”

The Unapparent Hidden Things

If you look carefully, or care for that matter, then you can see the diamond in the rough. Those are the people that matter a thousand times more than others and have special qualities to help you or support you. The same is true for the systems that will allow you to be productive andContinue reading “The Unapparent Hidden Things”

Make Things Happen, Don’t Wait

I am not sure there are many safe places to hide any more. You can’t hang low collecting a paycheck hoping your bosses don’t notice. And everyone’s getting squeezed. I have already been in several conversations with business owners this past week and we were talking about reducing overhead and running their businesses leaner with lessContinue reading “Make Things Happen, Don’t Wait”

Managing the Ask

If you feel overwhelmed in life or seem to be putting out fires all the time without much forward progress, then consider how you manage expectations. I can understand that when you want to be helpful or valuable that it is easy to jump at requests. Or sometimes, you may not know that you areContinue reading “Managing the Ask”

Don’t Hide Behind Spending Money

It is so fascinating to see how exponential growth from lower cost in technology is flattening the world. There is unprecedented democratization around bringing our ideas to market. And it starts with an idea. Many people that are trying entrepreneurship start out with money. Dumping money into building something perfect is an easy way toContinue reading “Don’t Hide Behind Spending Money”

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