Hidden Habits

The older I get the less I assume that success and failure is accidental. Something hidden led up to what we see. We simply don’t look behind the appearance enough. Success in business, life, family, relationships and finances have hidden habits behind them. But it’s not fashionable to think that the slow, consistent and committedContinue reading “Hidden Habits”

A Year’s Worth of Living

I got to see an unbelievable human being last night with my family, Alex Honnold. If you have not gotten to see some of his work climbing daunting mountain faces, including being the only person to free solo climb Yosemite’s El Capitan simply with his shoes and a chalk bag, be sure to catch hisContinue reading “A Year’s Worth of Living”

I See This Common Struggle After Success

CNN covered an interview recently on Andre Agassi returning to tennis to coach Novak Djokovic in his next chapter of his career. Such a great read as well as an insightful interview of Brad Gilbert, commentator extraordinaire and former coach of Andre Agassi. He talked about how Agassi played his best tennis after 29, theContinue reading “I See This Common Struggle After Success”

Niche Marketing Strategy For Inbound Marketing

If your offering is not a mass market appeal, then your niche marketing strategy needs to position your brand for a specific, narrow and identified buyer.  There are brands that appeal to the mass market.  GE light bulbs, Xerox copiers, Dell laptops and the New York Times are focused on the masses.  If brands likeContinue reading “Niche Marketing Strategy For Inbound Marketing”

Strengths: Entrepreneurship And Sales People

The need for closure around a goal is a characteristic of high goal low detail people.  People with this trait, to varying degrees, act with speed and decisiveness.  The need for closure is very high.   It is a common characteristic in professions such as sales and entrepreneurship. Committing To More Than You Can Deliver Internally,Continue reading “Strengths: Entrepreneurship And Sales People”

Strengths And Their Influence Multiplier Effect

In consulting with people over thousands of hours, I have found that many people do not recognize their strengths. Instead, they focus on their weaknesses. There is typically a disparity in the attention and obsession of attending to the latter rather than building on their strengths. Strengths tend to elude us.  Too often, we don’tContinue reading “Strengths And Their Influence Multiplier Effect”

Guaranteeing Success

The guarantee of success is music to our ears. That is what every customer, company and employee wants. We want security in our jobs. We want to know the products we buy will do as they promise – make us more money, make us more fit, make us more beautiful, etc. Guarantees meet our needContinue reading “Guaranteeing Success”