Most People are Almost Fits at Best

Business problems are largely people problems. And, in the same vein, business is people. Yes, you can automate. That’s easier than dealing with people. Machines, software and automation follows rules, logic and functionality. But people don’t fit what the job usually requires. They are almost fits at best. They don’t come in the specific shape,Continue reading “Most People are Almost Fits at Best”

You’re Not Good At It

Here’s the paradox of a blind spot – you can’t see it. It’s a blind spot. What if you can’t see that you are simply not good at something? You have put in enormous effort and time, but you are still blind. Perhaps you can notice when someone else does the very same things youContinue reading “You’re Not Good At It”

A Manager and a Tactician

We have spent many hours consulting with different couples and business partners around their strengths. We help them understand who they are individually and how their styles interact with each other. In our time together with this couple, we walked through the various scores for both, interplays and how they compare and contrast. Here areContinue reading “A Manager and a Tactician”

Overcoming Your Blind Spots

People are pretty predictable. When we talk about someone, we can generalize about them because they act in a consistent way. Your coworker may always crack a joke in tense situations. Your parents will talk about the weather. While we like to feel original and unboxed, we are largely scripted. We act out of habitContinue reading “Overcoming Your Blind Spots”

Strengths: Entrepreneurship And Sales People

The need for closure around a goal is a characteristic of high goal low detail people.  People with this trait, to varying degrees, act with speed and decisiveness.  The need for closure is very high.   It is a common characteristic in professions such as sales and entrepreneurship. Committing To More Than You Can Deliver Internally,Continue reading “Strengths: Entrepreneurship And Sales People”

Strengths And Their Influence Multiplier Effect

In consulting with people over thousands of hours, I have found that many people do not recognize their strengths. Instead, they focus on their weaknesses. There is typically a disparity in the attention and obsession of attending to the latter rather than building on their strengths. Strengths tend to elude us.  Too often, we don’tContinue reading “Strengths And Their Influence Multiplier Effect”

Strengths: Ideas Over Pragmatics

There are people who lean towards ideas and others who are grounded in pragmatics.  This is known as the Cognitive scale in our strengths testing.  You are somewhere on this scale and your scoring shows up in your tendencies. Planning may be more enjoyable than visioning.  Principles may be more appealing for conversation than howContinue reading “Strengths: Ideas Over Pragmatics”

Your Strengths Determine Your Moves

In my work with business professionals and entrepreneurs, I find that the moves they make in their business always follow a path of their strengths. Think of a chess board. Each piece has the capability to move according to its kind. So it goes with people. World-class organizations move together in concerted fashions with appreciation for eachContinue reading “Your Strengths Determine Your Moves”

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