Getting the Right Things Done

“I have come to learn that part of the business strategy is to solve the simplest, easiest, and most valuable problem. And actually, in fact, part of doing strategy is to solve the easiest problem, so part of the reason why you work on software and bits is that atoms [physical products] are actually veryContinue reading “Getting the Right Things Done”

Most People are Almost Fits at Best

Business problems are largely people problems. And, in the same vein, business is people. Yes, you can automate. That’s easier than dealing with people. Machines, software and automation follows rules, logic and functionality. But people don’t fit what the job usually requires. They are almost fits at best. They don’t come in the specific shape,Continue reading “Most People are Almost Fits at Best”

Do They Want to Solve the Problem?

It can be hard to decipher whether people want to truly solve the problem you are thinking. But that first question can save a lot of trouble in projects, relationships and business if you can get what people want. Solving the problem you are thinking matters may not be the priority. In your work withContinue reading “Do They Want to Solve the Problem?”

Don’t Limit Yourself

Too often we are mired in the circumstance we chose thinking we are limited. This is not necessarily so. You can always choose differently, and that is the opportunity to grow and become bigger than your circumstance. Perhaps you hate your job, your life or even a bad deal you are currently in. The stress ofContinue reading “Don’t Limit Yourself”

Eliminate All Those Failure Points and Get Results

It’s hard enough to get results when the world is set up against you with adversity, obstacles and high hurdles. Furthermore, it is so easy to let in a thousand distractions, commitments and assets that contribute little or nothing to your goals. I can remember getting offered so many credit card deals back in college.Continue reading “Eliminate All Those Failure Points and Get Results”

Create More Options and Stop Working Harder

When you are not getting the results you want, is it better to try harder or diversify your options? While there are myriad circumstances, when the law of averages governs the game you are playing, more options, attempts and scenarios can be a strategic move. Instead of working hard on one relationship build a hundred more withContinue reading “Create More Options and Stop Working Harder”

Build Something: Integrate Technologies For Agility

Building something from scratch used to be necessary.  When mass production and interchangeable parts took root and the industrial age was spawned, we integrated hardware.  This was an effective way to get to the goal instead of fretting about each nut, bolt and circuit. We moved this thinking to the white collar office space andContinue reading “Build Something: Integrate Technologies For Agility”

Gaining Clarity From A Fresh Perspective

In working with clients I have often found problems hit roadblocks because of a lack of perspective.  Being too close to a problem such as stunted business growth, poor sales strategy or low customer loyalty may be something that is hard to see. Our own blind spots can cause us to miss answers or beContinue reading “Gaining Clarity From A Fresh Perspective”

Ideas Need Strategy

Creativity, ideas and visioning are all highly enjoyable parts of business.  They allow for growing the frontiers of our realities and opening new possibilities and revenue streams.  When I am working with a client, there is typically a problem to solve, and we strive to create a solution which is feasible in concept and practice.Continue reading “Ideas Need Strategy”

Communicate When You Can’t Deliver

We live in an imperfect world where problems are always abundant.  Things just don’t work out the way we envision.  There are always obstacles.  Software breaks.  People disappoint.  Systems fail. I can accept the mishaps common in project work.  There are a lot of things that cannot be controlled, especially working with people and systems.Continue reading “Communicate When You Can’t Deliver”

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