Build Something: Integrate Technologies For Agility

Building something from scratch used to be necessary.  When mass production and interchangeable parts took root and the industrial age was spawned, we integrated hardware.  This was an effective way to get to the goal instead of fretting about each nut, bolt and circuit. We moved this thinking to the white collar office space andContinue reading “Build Something: Integrate Technologies For Agility”

Salesforce Success Is Continuous Success depends heavily on the approach, leadership and mindset of the team adopting the system.  Having helped organizations become successful with over thousands of hours of up front and personal work, it is obvious that those who succeed have a different mindset from those who get stuck or never get started.  It startsContinue reading “Salesforce Success Is Continuous”

Customization For Personalized Sales Connections has an interesting article on the impact of data and customization for the personalized marketing experience.  As buyers, we experience this from world-class online merchants and companies that work relentlessly to provide a personalized experience.  This happens when we peruse, get educated and buy.  Our online profiles are tracked and used for presenting relevantContinue reading “Customization For Personalized Sales Connections”

Salesforce Process Mapping

Launching with with a few people is much easier than launching with many.  You can have a flexibility to your deployment approach when starting out because the ability to iterate in affords experimentation.  If you need new fields, then they can be added.  If certain reports are not relevant, then new ones canContinue reading “Salesforce Process Mapping”

Salesforce Automation Steps

Buying is easy; automating your business processes using has a natural progression.  In our Salesforce consulting, we like to help our customers to walk their process manually before automating.  This allows for control and mastery before coding, scripting or creating a routine process structure.  Approaching your own organization with the goal of automatingContinue reading “Salesforce Automation Steps”

Agility As Strategy

There is a misnomer based on old ways of doing business.  Before we start, we had to have everything accounted for and figured out.  We spent much time in planning.  Of course the work was 2-dimensional at one time and we could move linearly and deliberately through planning before execution. In a connected world, thereContinue reading “Agility As Strategy”

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