Salesforce Case Strategies

The Case records allow you to manage support issues effectively or other processes involving a change of status or resolution of an issue.  The inherent function of Cases lends itself to the common support ticket.  Your customers can either generate their tickets or your support team can internally create Case records after retrieving informationContinue reading “Salesforce Case Strategies”

Salesforce Process Mapping

Launching with with a few people is much easier than launching with many.  You can have a flexibility to your deployment approach when starting out because the ability to iterate in affords experimentation.  If you need new fields, then they can be added.  If certain reports are not relevant, then new ones canContinue reading “Salesforce Process Mapping”

Salesforce Reports For Process Effectiveness reporting is arguably the most powerful aspect of the CRM system.  Data which is driven by your users and third-party systems percolate up to management metrics that can be used for driving decisions and actions in real-time.  As you are building your processes within, relying on reports to drive user behavior helps toContinue reading “Salesforce Reports For Process Effectiveness”

Using For Sales Follow-Up

Much of the sales processes which leverage are focused on the outbound activities of salespeople.  The logging of outbound activities is typically related to a formula for outbound selling methodologies. In today’s world, prospects are set up to say, “No,” when they feel interrupted and annoyed.  Your sales process may be focused on theContinue reading “Using For Sales Follow-Up”