4 Salesforce Alignment Review Tips

As the year ends, it is a natural time to review how your mission-critical business systems are working to enable your processes.Salesforce.com typically runs crucial business processes for you and as your team is focused on end of year metrics such as closing business, driving leads or increasing customer loyalty, you can review your systemContinue reading “4 Salesforce Alignment Review Tips”

3 Salesforce Project Management And Collaboration Tips

It is not uncommon for organizations to customize Salesforce.com for managing projects with their respective customers.  It seems these days that this is an increasingly frequent use case beyond the traditional requirements of using Salesforce for the sales process.  The ability to mold Salesforce.com to your business processes makes it attractive for enabling how yourContinue reading “3 Salesforce Project Management And Collaboration Tips”

Smart Salesforce.com Lead Assignment

Inbound Salesforce.com leads are the lifeblood of your sales process.  How prospects get assigned in Salesforce.com depends on a few factors such as: Your sales team roles.  Is your team divided by industry, geography or another factor altogether? Volume of inbound leads. Dealing with large numbers is different than small numbers.  If your lead generationContinue reading “Smart Salesforce.com Lead Assignment”

Salesforce In Real-Time

The point of having Salesforce.com run your business operations is to make decisions and drive actions in real-time.  A login from anywhere in the cloud enables your team to be plugged into the workflow and intelligence of your systems and processes, the backbone of a company.  Bring in any new person and they can executeContinue reading “Salesforce In Real-Time”

Salesforce Reports For Process Effectiveness

Salesforce.com reporting is arguably the most powerful aspect of the CRM system.  Data which is driven by your users and third-party systems percolate up to management metrics that can be used for driving decisions and actions in real-time.  As you are building your processes within Salesforce.com, relying on reports to drive user behavior helps toContinue reading “Salesforce Reports For Process Effectiveness”

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