How To Manage Projects

You have the whole world at your fingertips, and if you want, you can get people to help you get work done, build systems and grow your business. The challenge is to be clear and manage projects with the desired outcomes articulated and identified. It can sound obvious, but there are plenty of stories ofContinue reading “How To Manage Projects”

Shopping the Talent Store

These remarkable times truly do afford anyone with an idea the opportunity to build something quickly and cheaply. The connected economy makes it easy to put together a site, market, drive sales, fulfill promises and ship products and services. The missing ingredient for success is less about the resources and tools available and much moreContinue reading “Shopping the Talent Store”

Building the Boring Business

I enjoy drama, action and suspense when I watch a movie to relax and let my mind and emotions wander. However, I don’t find heroics and craziness entertaining or useful in business. In fact, my goal with entrepreneurs and business owners is to build a boring business based on systems, processes and execution that produces consistentContinue reading “Building the Boring Business”

Building Mobile Workforce Strategies

Keyboards are faster than thumbs (assuming you can type). And collaboration is easier with a team, customers and vendors if you can push out information with a keyboard. But business is human, at least for now. We are still out there selling to new prospects and servicing existing accounts. And that computer in our pocket works onContinue reading “Building Mobile Workforce Strategies”

Making Remote Work Work

Today, talent is wherever you find it when it comes to knowledge work. Many professionals are working remotely with people around the globe. Whether it’s IBM Global Services with thousands of team members working virtually together or a small business delivering website projects, the work can get done efficiently. There are a lot of advantages ofContinue reading “Making Remote Work Work”

If You Find Yourself in a Hole

“The most important thing to do if you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging.” ~ Warren Buffett Sometimes it’s really tough to stop doing what we are familiar with. I remember being in corporate life and the endless meetings that were scheduled throughout a week. Each meeting would play out like a badContinue reading “If You Find Yourself in a Hole”

Why Software Does Not Equal Success

We forget the way things were. It used to be painful to get software developed to run part of or all of our business operations. The cycles were long and the tools for developers were not as convenient. When you bought software from a vendor, there would be six month to year long release cycles.Continue reading “Why Software Does Not Equal Success”

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