Shopping the Talent Store

These remarkable times truly do afford anyone with an idea the opportunity to build something quickly and cheaply. The connected economy makes it easy to put together a site, market, drive sales, fulfill promises and ship products and services. The missing ingredient for success is less about the resources and tools available and much moreContinue reading “Shopping the Talent Store”

The Competency vs. Likability Conundrum

Try doing business without being likable. Getting connections and deals become hard quickly. We live with immense choices in who we want to deal with, and unpleasantness can simply be ignored for the next great option. Of course, there are a lot of charmers out there as well. They can be completely likable and know how toContinue reading “The Competency vs. Likability Conundrum”

Forget Being Well-Rounded

I see people every day in business lost on what they should or can do. The old rules where you were a good boy or girl and advanced up a ladder doesn’t play out much today. You can’t simply rest on your laurels and hope someone notices enough to develop a career path for you.Continue reading “Forget Being Well-Rounded”

Do What You Are

When I find people unhappy in their work and listen to what’s dissatisfying them, the usual issue is that they are not doing what they are. It’s no secret most people hate their work. But why persist in misery when there is all this choice out there? You have one option. And then there areContinue reading “Do What You Are”

The Amateur vs. Expert Chasm

There are too many things I am simply an amateur at in life. If I pick up a sport or study a new topic, it’s hard and clumsy at first. Actually, it’s difficult for a while until I can get my brain and my body the reps and familiarity to be competent. These days, IContinue reading “The Amateur vs. Expert Chasm”

Exponential Growth

Our human brains have a hard time understanding or accepting exponential trends. We prefer and interpret events and trends to be linear. Like a nice Sunday drive that is steady in course, direction and speed, we think life events unfold this way. However, the reality is that we have acceleration occurring at unprecedented speeds. WhetherContinue reading “Exponential Growth”

The Fit Matters More Than Your Desire

Ever notice that there are things you might want but you are just mediocre at it? Most of the things you attempt, you will be mediocre at, for that matter. Your body, brain and coordination simply underperform compared to a person who naturally steps in and makes it happen. Being mediocre at something doesn’t meanContinue reading “The Fit Matters More Than Your Desire”

Process For Finding Talent

Finding talent to work on projects or on your team can be a challenge. Often it is not a problem of too few applicants. The shear amount of resumes or inquiries can cause issues. Too often, job sites or databases that are targeted have a shortcoming in their own process. It does not cost applicantsContinue reading “Process For Finding Talent”

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