Focus on the Deal First, Then the Details

I have done many types of deals over the years. I have sold services, created venture opportunities for myself and clients, partnered, started businesses, launched new products and have helped people along the way who needed a little more vision or strategy. I can see deals that others can’t see and can see the myriad ofContinue reading “Focus on the Deal First, Then the Details”

The Competency vs. Likability Conundrum

Try doing business without being likable. Getting connections and deals become hard quickly. We live with immense choices in who we want to deal with, and unpleasantness can simply be ignored for the next great option. Of course, there are a lot of charmers out there as well. They can be completely likable and know how toContinue reading “The Competency vs. Likability Conundrum”

Make Good Deals So We Don’t Hate Each Other

I have always said, “Good agreements make for great relationships. Bad agreements make for bad relationships.” And having done many deals over many years, I can see where I have had a profitable and fun relationship when there are explicit expectations. And when there has been innuendo or ambiguity, relationships suffer because there is notContinue reading “Make Good Deals So We Don’t Hate Each Other”

What I Like to Say Yes To

While I shared my thoughts about most things being a No in our working reality, there are plenty of people and opportunities to say Yes to. The key is to eliminate the noise and keep a self-discipline in allowing people into your life and business that drain you emotionally, financially and physically. The cost is enormous toContinue reading “What I Like to Say Yes To”

Be Ready for Opportunity

Opportunity tends to be all around you. Have you ever thought that the people you randomly meet you likely have 5 opportunities together? But you have to: Care enough to listen carefully Understand what the other person is all about Match what you do with what they need Look for the convergence points It’s tooContinue reading “Be Ready for Opportunity”

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