Asymmetry Can Bite You

Have you ever assumed something about someone and been surprised? Assumptions can bite you in the butt pretty fast if you are not careful. I like to be surprised all the time. And I don’t like to make assumptions. One thing I do assume is that any person or opportunity I engage has asymmetry. There isContinue reading “Asymmetry Can Bite You”

What I Like to Say Yes To

While I shared my thoughts about most things being a No in our working reality, there are plenty of people and opportunities to say Yes to. The key is to eliminate the noise and keep a self-discipline in allowing people into your life and business that drain you emotionally, financially and physically. The cost is enormous toContinue reading “What I Like to Say Yes To”

Marketing Process Not Hyped Outcomes

It is all too frequent to witness companies who are caught up in the frenzy of the social bubble. Seth warns about this in his article on social media noise. It’s a good read to hopefully focus people on the substance of connecting and delivering value rather than driving metrics that have nothing to doContinue reading “Marketing Process Not Hyped Outcomes”

Validation In The Buying Process

The internet changes the game between the buyer and the seller. Second opinions are easy to access for a buyer. Assuming your lead generation systems and marketing automation are set up well, a new lead will be nurtured, scored and engaged when they are ready. There are analytics and systems which work effectively. However, trustContinue reading “Validation In The Buying Process”

Teaching Articles To Help Prospects Overcome Obstacles

Content marketing has a main goal of helping your prospects.  Thus, teaching articles which help your buyers to frame their problems and figure out how to overcome their issues need to be part of your engagement and approach.. When a person lands on an article or is following you via social media or RSS, theyContinue reading “Teaching Articles To Help Prospects Overcome Obstacles”

Inbound Leads Do Not Want Interruption

As a seller, it is understandable that you have such a high impulse to sell leads hard.  The problem is that buyers do not like to be sold.  When they feel sold, it creates tension and resistance, the very opposite effect you are trying to promote. There is a new strategy that is at playContinue reading “Inbound Leads Do Not Want Interruption”

Sales Process Steps For Qualified Leads

Today’s sales process is different than in times past.  Your sales prospects are better educated and in more control.  They do not feel the reliance on a salesperson to educate them.  When they engage a salesperson, they are giving attention that they are greedily protecting. Everyone is inundated with irrelevant and intrusive marketing messages.  WhenContinue reading “Sales Process Steps For Qualified Leads”

3 Selling Proposition Strategies

Selling Proposition Strategies When a customer finds you, it is because they were focused on your value proposition.  They searched for you via the internet or their network most likely.  If  you are set up correctly, you were found and deemed credible compared to the convenient mouse click to your competition. After the click, yourContinue reading “3 Selling Proposition Strategies”

Marketing Automation: Beyond The Boundaries

Much of old school selling happened on a personal level. Face-to-face meetings and phone calls were common. Prospects gave us attention because we had information which would help them understand something they were unfamiliar with. The new economy is digital. We can self-service on what we need education or orientation on using the internet. BuyingContinue reading “Marketing Automation: Beyond The Boundaries”

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