Marketing Automation: The Awareness Stage

When you are just beginning your search for a car, software or consultant, you start with research.  Getting online is the most convenient way to research today.  You may look for what is a trend, what others think and how the industry works overall.  It is the awareness stage and it is largely self-service.  YouContinue reading “Marketing Automation: The Awareness Stage”

Marketing Automation Is Not The Old Sales Process

There is an astute article at, “Is It Time To Move On From Marketing Automation?”  It is an indicator of the disenchantment with the claims and hype with marketing automation implementations in organizations.  The frustration is well-founded.  If automating the buying process by creating a sterile technology engagement mimicking an old sales process is theContinue reading “Marketing Automation Is Not The Old Sales Process”

Marketing Automation: Beyond The Boundaries

Much of old school selling happened on a personal level. Face-to-face meetings and phone calls were common. Prospects gave us attention because we had information which would help them understand something they were unfamiliar with. The new economy is digital. We can self-service on what we need education or orientation on using the internet. BuyingContinue reading “Marketing Automation: Beyond The Boundaries”

5 Reasons Marketing Automation Fails

Marketing automation works.  Engaging and nurturing leads with a real-time, personal process keeps attention, builds trust and wins business.  Our team has built many successful marketing automation systems and campaigns.  It becomes a vital asset to the business of our customers. But, not all marketing automation works.  Typically, a company hears about the promises thatContinue reading “5 Reasons Marketing Automation Fails”

Marketing Automation Branding Game

The marketing automation vendors of today will consolidate into a couple of brands with a winner take all stakes game unfolding today.  Marketing Automation Software Guide published an article that provides some analysis and insight into the revenue and funding of today’s players.  It’s great analysis for seeing who has taken money and what the market shareContinue reading “Marketing Automation Branding Game”

Converting Inbound Leads

The inbound marketing process has failure points.  If your business is set up where marketing generates leads and your sales team aggressively calls, then trust can be compromised with otherwise potential sales opportunities. Inbound marketing has the following conversion points: Visitors: These are a high quantity of people that find you from search or marketingContinue reading “Converting Inbound Leads”

Fooled By Advertising

Advertising is largely ignored and not trusted as a medium for building a brand.  Existing powerful brands benefit from advertising because there is already trust.  There is a brand connection imprinted on the psyche of millions of customers of Ford, Coke and IBM.  These powerful brands have to advertise to continually keep attention and remindContinue reading “Fooled By Advertising”

Buy Now Is Rare

If I have an urgency or an emergency, I have to buy now.  My need is clear and circumstance prevails.  If you are the seller, you are in a great position. Perhaps your business is built for crisis.  Your buyers’ pain is so high that they have to act now.  Towing services, 911 and rootContinue reading “Buy Now Is Rare”

CRM Integration In Marketing Automation

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Lauren Carlson, a contributor to the Marketing Automation Software Guide. Arguably the most important value-add of implementing a marketing automation system is the alignment of marketing and sales. By being able to share lead information in real time, you can ensure that you are presenting the bestContinue reading “CRM Integration In Marketing Automation”

Inbound Marketing Strategy With Value And Content First

It is harder than ever to build trust today, thus, you have to focus on positioning.  Bring value through content first.  How you are perceived by your prospective buyer can be affected by the work or the lack thereof you do before you meet with them.  While many salespeople are trained in outdated ways ofContinue reading “Inbound Marketing Strategy With Value And Content First”

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