Pick Two Types of Service

The temptation for businesses, especially after they have success, is to overreach. You have the choice of price, quality and service as your focal points in the marketplace. But you can only have two. We are tempted to be all three. But we live in a world of natural trade-offs. Part of being in businessContinue reading “Pick Two Types of Service”

If You Are Not the Winner Do This

Someone has to be the the winner. Someone has to be Facebook. Or Uber. Or Google. In our connected economy, we have a winner-take-all dynamic. It’s easier to consolidate and see a clear winner arise from leveraging a business system. However, what we see and are aware of is based on a success bias. We don’tContinue reading “If You Are Not the Winner Do This”

Look What I Did For You

It’s much easier to sell “Look what I did for you” than “Look what I avoided for you.” ~ Nassim Taleb, Antifragile I lament that our society and human nature exalts the glamorous over the shrewd. “Look what I did for you” garners perceived value so readily. Perhaps it’s because we are wired to respond toContinue reading “Look What I Did For You”

Building a Money Making Foundation

Money is flowing every day. Deals are made. People pull out their credit cards continuously  to buy what they want. We don’t have to create demand as much as we need to sell things that people want to buy and make it easy for them to do so. If you are so impatient and frenziedContinue reading “Building a Money Making Foundation”


You don’t have to do business the way you are set up currently. You could take the same core value you sell and repackage how you present your wares and skills to the market. The position you are in was a choice. Maybe it was practical. Early on someone asked for a price. You named it andContinue reading “Repackaging”

Exponential Growth

Our human brains have a hard time understanding or accepting exponential trends. We prefer and interpret events and trends to be linear. Like a nice Sunday drive that is steady in course, direction and speed, we think life events unfold this way. However, the reality is that we have acceleration occurring at unprecedented speeds. WhetherContinue reading “Exponential Growth”

Commit to Things You Can Sustain

I think we have mass hysteria embedded in our humanity. When fads come along or some new shiny platform appears, people jump at it and go nuts. At one time, blogging had millions of people participating in the blogosphere. Most of it was noise and clutter. Youtube has hundreds of videos uploaded every minute. WeContinue reading “Commit to Things You Can Sustain”

Yes, But Do They Value It

Hearing that phrase, “You have to add value,” can sound wonderful as part of your business habits. But what does it really mean? It can be a lofty idea without materializing into something real that connects with another person. The better question when you are working with a customer is to look at them withContinue reading “Yes, But Do They Value It”

The Myth of Credentialism

The logic of getting more education or credentials used to make sense in the past in the industrial economy. Things were nice and neat then. If you wanted a promotion or you got laid off, the thought process of becoming more marketable by getting an MBA, a law degree or another degree altogether could position youContinue reading “The Myth of Credentialism”

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