Take Risk and Give

I like businesses where the need is obvious. People line up because they need a solution. Dentists, divorce attorneys, grocery stores and gas stations will always have demand. We have a problem and they are a known solution. The challenge for them is to meet the known demand with delightful service and care. That’s aContinue reading “Take Risk and Give”

Everything is an Experiment

  Here’s the simple strategy for keeping you from getting washed away in the tides of innovation all around you: Observe what’s happening around you in your world and see what people are buying. Come up with 3 ideas that get people to buy. Build a solution and sell it to one customer. Observe theirContinue reading “Everything is an Experiment”

You Should Not Be in Chaos

If you are in continual chaos, why? Do you simply accept reality as one giant mess? Week after week is simply reactive and full of open loops? Yes, business can be overwhelming in our connected economy. We can all create work for each other rather quickly. However, when you think of your workflow, then you canContinue reading “You Should Not Be in Chaos”

Growth Hacking Approach to Avoid Stupid Selling

Manners matter. We know that interrupting people face-to-face is rude and can be quite embarrassing. Our social norms make it too risky to attempt to force our agendas and wills upon people we encounter in person. However, with distance and virtualization, there are still the unimaginative souls who persist in trying to violate basic manners.Continue reading “Growth Hacking Approach to Avoid Stupid Selling”

Find Your Clues Pay Your Dues

Want to know what you should do and do with everything you got? Find your clues. Pay your dues. That’s a message my wife recently heard from Jen Hatmaker in a speech to a large audience looking for direction. It’s great advice to get on with the business of knowing what you should do. FindingContinue reading “Find Your Clues Pay Your Dues”

Yes, But Do They Value It

Hearing that phrase, “You have to add value,” can sound wonderful as part of your business habits. But what does it really mean? It can be a lofty idea without materializing into something real that connects with another person. The better question when you are working with a customer is to look at them withContinue reading “Yes, But Do They Value It”

Thinking Harder vs. Working Harder

Abraham Lincoln is often quoted as saying, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Is that what most people do? Most people start sawing away at their problems. I think it feels safe because you don’t feel as accountable. If something didn’t work out,Continue reading “Thinking Harder vs. Working Harder”

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