Thinking Harder vs. Working Harder

Abraham Lincoln is often quoted as saying, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Is that what most people do? Most people start sawing away at their problems. I think it feels safe because you don’t feel as accountable. If something didn’t work out,Continue reading “Thinking Harder vs. Working Harder”

Play the Long Game

There’s a lot of advantage to having emotional maturity in your business and life. Any fool can simply react to any slight or wrongdoing. Things will often not go as planned and that is the norm. There are just too many variables and other people in play to be able to control outcomes just theContinue reading “Play the Long Game”

Respect And Relationships

Respect is the lubricant of healthy relationships.  Our relationships are fragile when there is little trust.  Thus, we can be hypersensitive to disrespect.  It can keep trust from ever developing and allow for healthy relationships. The give and take in a consulting client relationship is like a dance.  Both parties have to move in synchronyContinue reading “Respect And Relationships”

Gaining Clarity From A Fresh Perspective

In working with clients I have often found problems hit roadblocks because of a lack of perspective.  Being too close to a problem such as stunted business growth, poor sales strategy or low customer loyalty may be something that is hard to see. Our own blind spots can cause us to miss answers or beContinue reading “Gaining Clarity From A Fresh Perspective”

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