Trust, But Verify

If you want to grow your business, you have to have good people to delegate functional work to. Otherwise, you become the bottleneck and risk making customers unhappy. Many years ago, I remember learning the lesson of delegation early while working an engineering project. I had a designer working on new revisions for drawings ofContinue reading “Trust, But Verify”

We Need a Whole Lot of Better Listeners

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” ~ Dale Carnegie It sure would be amusing if we heard people speaking their minds when they tire of someone talking too much. Can you imagineContinue reading “We Need a Whole Lot of Better Listeners”

Don’t Start if You Are Not Going to be Consistent

The labor it used to take to simply set something up is lost on this next generation. I can tell my kids don’t relate to the pain I try vainly to communicate when it comes to how hard it was to set up websites, IT systems and even getting your message out. The people thatContinue reading “Don’t Start if You Are Not Going to be Consistent”

When You Interrupt Busy People

When you initiate a contact without trust, you are setting yourself up for a “No”. It’s a brave new world. Yet, there are still people acting out of desperation and ignorance. Why try failing tactics of interrupting people with cold calls, unsolicited emails and other imposing marketing messages? Those are about what you want. AndContinue reading “When You Interrupt Busy People”

Overcoming Inertia In Your Work

We’re all ruled by inertia. I was a mechanical engineer in my past life.  It was drilled into my head that the laws of physics are governed by Newton’s laws of motion.  The first law according to Wikipedia states: Every body remains in a state of constant velocity unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force.ThisContinue reading “Overcoming Inertia In Your Work”

Respect And Relationships

Respect is the lubricant of healthy relationships.  Our relationships are fragile when there is little trust.  Thus, we can be hypersensitive to disrespect.  It can keep trust from ever developing and allow for healthy relationships. The give and take in a consulting client relationship is like a dance.  Both parties have to move in synchronyContinue reading “Respect And Relationships”

Results And Caring

Doing excellent technical work is expected.  This is a minimum requirement to work on projects and get business with clients.  We are no longer limited by our choices to a local market of available talent.  We can work with anyone anywhere on the issues we face in our business.  We can measure results and decideContinue reading “Results And Caring”

Gaining Clarity From A Fresh Perspective

In working with clients I have often found problems hit roadblocks because of a lack of perspective.  Being too close to a problem such as stunted business growth, poor sales strategy or low customer loyalty may be something that is hard to see. Our own blind spots can cause us to miss answers or beContinue reading “Gaining Clarity From A Fresh Perspective”

Being Direct As A Strategy

Candor is a key leadership attribute.  This is especially true today when we are bombarded by convoluted and ambiguous messages from people and companies.  Those that can speak clearly and plainly can create a great differentiation in the marketplace where clarity is highly sought after. Being direct means you tell the truth and are focusedContinue reading “Being Direct As A Strategy”

Your Buyer And What They Care About

Everyone is not your buyer.  Everyone is not capable of saying, “Yes.”  If you are out there broadcasting a message without targeting it to someone concretely and specifically, then it is not only ineffective but costly.  Your brand will suffer from a lack of focus and connection to your buyer. Here are some steps toContinue reading “Your Buyer And What They Care About”

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