When You Interrupt Busy People

When you initiate a contact without trust, you are setting yourself up for a “No”. It’s a brave new world. Yet, there are still people acting out of desperation and ignorance. Why try failing tactics of interrupting people with cold calls, unsolicited emails and other imposing marketing messages? Those are about what you want. AndContinue reading “When You Interrupt Busy People”

3 Ways To Raise Your Value

Just showing up and getting picked is a desperate strategy these days. We used to be able to play the game of being a good boy or girl and do as we were told. Be compliant and your boss, your customers or your friends rewarded you with more or less scripted behaviors. They hired you,Continue reading “3 Ways To Raise Your Value”

Don’t Blame The Tools

  There are too many success stories of people using simple tools to get amazing results. Put those same instruments or software in the hands of someone less talented and you get a completely different result. Of course, it’s easier to blame tools than look in the mirror. The truth is that to make somethingContinue reading “Don’t Blame The Tools”

Betting On Facebook Is A Poor Strategy

I caught the article on Zynga’s IPO (Facebook: Zynga’s Number 1 Frenemy) and it further exposes the reality distortion between a platform provider and a value producer. There is a temporary symbiosis between the gaming provider Zynga which leverages Facebook’s platform. Zynga’s valuation and revenue is derived from access to a marketplace Facebook created. Facebook’sContinue reading “Betting On Facebook Is A Poor Strategy”

Platforms, Positioning And Personas

The hype with social media and internet marketing can distort the possibilities of promoting your brand in the new economy. There are indeed a lot of gold diggers out there seeking fortune and fame but lacking the true strategies for success. Since the tools for publication and promotion have been democratized and accessible, the gameContinue reading “Platforms, Positioning And Personas”

Facebook’s Place On Your Blog

I was on Salesforce.com’s Blog doing some research for some articles I was writing.  I wanted to leave a comment and refer back to another article I wrote on Salesforce.com’s platform and AppExchange.  Then a weird thing happened.  Social media wires got crossed.  In their zeal Salesforce.com would only let me leave a comment byContinue reading “Facebook’s Place On Your Blog”

Posing Versus Passion

The problem with trends is that the posers ruin a good thing.  The wrong questions are asked. “How do I get more people to friend me?” “How many tweets should I do every day?” “How do I get on Google first?” The good thing was always there from the beginning.  Connecting with people, helping businessesContinue reading “Posing Versus Passion”

Godin’s We Are All Weird: A Great Read

If you haven’t picked up Seth Godin’s We Are All Weird, grab it for a quick read.  Godin does an excellent job framing what we are all feeling but may not necessarily be able to articulate about how mass marketing is dying and our opportunity for choice allows for long tail preferences.  It’s because ofContinue reading “Godin’s We Are All Weird: A Great Read”

There Are Only Markets

“There are no products, there are only markets.” – Peter Drucker, Management Thinker The way we approached things in the past are obsolescing.  How we were educated, the jobs we assumed were there and the businesses which seemed lasting are being eradicated and morphed today.  I believe it is a correction.  With the proliferation of information, cloudContinue reading “There Are Only Markets”

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