Don’t Waste Attention

What happens when you get a thousand followers on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform? How does this convert monetarily, if at all? You don’t have to dig too deep to see the various motives on the platforms you participate in. Some play a game to make as many friends as possible. FriendContinue reading “Don’t Waste Attention”

Using Systems Beyond Email

What’s the point of having a database if you continually rely on email? Email is one inbox that is effective for managing the point-to-point communications you would have for quick information exchange. Yet, email is deficient when it comes to building something intelligent or an asset that grows your business. It is good for personalContinue reading “Using Systems Beyond Email”

Knowing What People Need

All around you are opportunities if you can stop to take interest. A deep interest in what other people need means applying your faculties of observation and care. You may be asked if you know someone that can solve a problem or a product that exists to make life easier. These are signs. If youContinue reading “Knowing What People Need”

Don’t Blame The Tools

  There are too many success stories of people using simple tools to get amazing results. Put those same instruments or software in the hands of someone less talented and you get a completely different result. Of course, it’s easier to blame tools than look in the mirror. The truth is that to make somethingContinue reading “Don’t Blame The Tools”

Why I Am Not On LinkedIn Anymore

I agree with David Meerman Scott’s classic blog post, “Why I Am Not On LinkedIn” (David Meerman Scott removed the post and apparently joined LinkedIn, thus the link has been removed). I had been reading several of his books over the past several months and can appreciate his common sense approach to marketing. For me,Continue reading “Why I Am Not On LinkedIn Anymore”

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