Pick Two Types of Service

The temptation for businesses, especially after they have success, is to overreach. You have the choice of price, quality and service as your focal points in the marketplace. But you can only have two. We are tempted to be all three. But we live in a world of natural trade-offs. Part of being in businessContinue reading “Pick Two Types of Service”

Book Review: Sam Wyly’s 1,000 Dollars & An Idea

Sam Wyly is a peer of Ross Perot and has had a series of entrepreneurial ventures. He has lived a full life and was compelled to share his journey in his autobiography. There is a scene towards the end of his book, 1,000 Dollars And An Idea that is inspiring.  Late in life, he has a surpriseContinue reading “Book Review: Sam Wyly’s 1,000 Dollars & An Idea”

Lead Scoring

Your buyer interacts with your brand and value proposition with often unseen behaviors. They click, read, examine, search and react to your message. In the past, the buyer was expected to serve themselves by coming to your website and feast on depths of information presented in a brochure fashion. Today, because of the lack ofContinue reading “Lead Scoring”