Marketing Automation With Story

Marketing automation serves to nurture unready buyers.  The strategy for nurturing effectively is the art within marketing automation that is both difficult and critical.  When we implement a marketing automation campaign for our clients, we have to be able to tell their story and connect the dots with the customer’s pain. Story is what createsContinue reading “Marketing Automation With Story”

Fooled By Advertising

Advertising is largely ignored and not trusted as a medium for building a brand.  Existing powerful brands benefit from advertising because there is already trust.  There is a brand connection imprinted on the psyche of millions of customers of Ford, Coke and IBM.  These powerful brands have to advertise to continually keep attention and remindContinue reading “Fooled By Advertising”

4 Content Marketing Strategy Practices

Content marketing is critical for winning new business today.  Awareness of your products or services and the required education therein are dependent on buyers finding relevant information.  Your content should prepare a buyer for engaging your sales process.  Naturally, they will want to delay this until they feel ready.  The internet allows buyers an abundantContinue reading “4 Content Marketing Strategy Practices”

Managing Blog Categories

For SEO and growing your blog content, managing your blog categories should be done with a few set of criteria in mind.  There are a variety of ways to organize articles on your corporate blogs.  Taking into account the user experience and the way you will get found online are critical for your inbound marketingContinue reading “Managing Blog Categories”

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