Salesforce Lead Segmentation For Marketing Campaigns helps you to manage the sales funnel.  As a buyer engages your sales process, they are captured as a Lead.  this information could come from web forms or from your sales team.  Most of your Leads will not be ready to convert to an Opportunity.  This is to be expected and a strategy shouldContinue reading “Salesforce Lead Segmentation For Marketing Campaigns”

3 Salesforce Project Management And Collaboration Tips

It is not uncommon for organizations to customize for managing projects with their respective customers.  It seems these days that this is an increasingly frequent use case beyond the traditional requirements of using Salesforce for the sales process.  The ability to mold to your business processes makes it attractive for enabling how yourContinue reading “3 Salesforce Project Management And Collaboration Tips”

Digital Body Language In Your Activities

Digital body language is a large part of activities which are not typically recorded in records.  Sales activities in need to include how your buyer interacts with content.  Within, your sales team ideally has visibility into the the activities of prospects in the pipeline.  Today, the larger part of your prospect’s activitiesContinue reading “Digital Body Language In Your Activities”

Google Apps Tasks For Productivity

Google Apps appeals to users because of its elegance and simplicity.  We all have random tasks which need to be captured.  These tasks move us forward with clarity on next steps or a parking place for next steps.  In knowledge work, we need only focus on decisions and actions to drive outcomes.  Having an integratedContinue reading “Google Apps Tasks For Productivity”

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