Salesforce Lead Segmentation For Marketing Campaigns helps you to manage the sales funnel.  As a buyer engages your sales process, they are captured as a Lead.  this information could come from web forms or from your sales team.  Most of your Leads will not be ready to convert to an Opportunity.  This is to be expected and a strategy shouldContinue reading “Salesforce Lead Segmentation For Marketing Campaigns”

Salesforce Mass Email Leads Strategy

Mass email of Leads can be effective for a salesperson or marketing team to connect with Leads in your pipeline.  Depending on how your marketing funnel works and lead generation, there are strategic opportunities to take advantage of the mass email leads function. More details of how to use the mass email leadsContinue reading “Salesforce Mass Email Leads Strategy”

4 Salesforce Lead Rating Process Tips

Managing inbound leads in requires a system and process for qualifying prospects.  If you are engaged in team selling, then coordinating data within the Lead record will become a priority.  The goal of a Lead is to be converted into an Opportunity which is tracked as a viable part of the sales pipeline andContinue reading “4 Salesforce Lead Rating Process Tips”

Customization For Personalized Sales Connections has an interesting article on the impact of data and customization for the personalized marketing experience.  As buyers, we experience this from world-class online merchants and companies that work relentlessly to provide a personalized experience.  This happens when we peruse, get educated and buy.  Our online profiles are tracked and used for presenting relevantContinue reading “Customization For Personalized Sales Connections”

Salesforce Lead Qualification

If your sales process depends on qualifying leads, then using Lead records to manage a Lead pipeline would be strategic for ensuring a continuous pipeline.  Ensuring a management process for your Lead management will ensure that your sales team is spending their time on high probability sales. However, if your process is not contingent onContinue reading “Salesforce Lead Qualification”

Salesforce Mass Email Strategies at its basic level is a one-to-one customer focused system.  You can manage individual relationships and have direct context, history and action steps for future steps. The tactical and personal handling of Leads, Contacts and Opportunities allow for specific handling of your sales or service process. On a mass scale, marketing may have otherContinue reading “Salesforce Mass Email Strategies”

Salesforce Lead Management Best Practices Lead records are generally anyone and everyone that has some contact or interest with your organization.  The rules for how to manage a Lead record through the sales or service process differ based on your company’s workflow and buyer experience. However, in general, Leads are those people who are not in an active salesContinue reading “Salesforce Lead Management Best Practices”

Three Salesforce Lead Management Best Practices Lead management should facilitate an easy process for your sales team to collaborate and close a sale.  Your roadmap process should have decision points for your system to follow as new leads are engaged with your sales process.  Here are three key lead management tips shared from our own consulting: Tip 1:Continue reading “Three Salesforce Lead Management Best Practices” For Speed And Management

As speed and complexity continue to increase in the modern economy, managing the sales cycle effectively requires an execution and collaboration which needs to be managed.  Older sales systems were centered around contact management.  Getting the person’s address information provided enough value to the sales rep to manage a relationship. Today, people are changing moreContinue reading “ For Speed And Management”

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