Managing An Inbound Marketing Team

When we share with our clients the work and production of our team to build and deliver an inbound marketing system, they come to appreciate what it takes to make everything work. Here are the conversation points which we have heard that have represented the value of partnering with a marketing firm like AscendWorks: IContinue reading “Managing An Inbound Marketing Team”

Salesforce Customer Portals

With, your team is managing information about your customers securely.  You collaborate on the information internally to facilitate sales, marketing and service to your customer base.  The information has great value, yet it relies heavily on you and your team to capture and input details about customer interactions. can be extended to beContinue reading “Salesforce Customer Portals” Sales Team Alignment

Salespeople by nature are highly individualistic and tactical.  Implementing can become difficult without buy-in from your team into a system.  After all, that is what this CRM system is about.  It is a system for selling which transcends the individual, though it ultimately benefits the individual salesperson. What Salespeople Want Salespeople do not wantContinue reading “ Sales Team Alignment”

4 Salesforce Implementation Obstacles

Our consulting clients vary in how they do business and with this comes implementation successes and obstacles in our many stories.  Though is a system which can automate many processes, many things have to come together to make it successful in your business. From our vantage point we have seen some obstacles toContinue reading “4 Salesforce Implementation Obstacles”

Salesforce Lead Qualification

If your sales process depends on qualifying leads, then using Lead records to manage a Lead pipeline would be strategic for ensuring a continuous pipeline.  Ensuring a management process for your Lead management will ensure that your sales team is spending their time on high probability sales. However, if your process is not contingent onContinue reading “Salesforce Lead Qualification”

Salesforce In Real-Time

The point of having run your business operations is to make decisions and drive actions in real-time.  A login from anywhere in the cloud enables your team to be plugged into the workflow and intelligence of your systems and processes, the backbone of a company.  Bring in any new person and they can executeContinue reading “Salesforce In Real-Time”

Three Business Considerations For is one of many customer relationship management (CRM) systems on the market today.  A simple Google search will reveal the choices which abound.  It can be confusing as you are considering the technology to run your business processes. In our Salesforce consulting work, many of our customers are seeking advice on whether to chooseContinue reading “Three Business Considerations For”

Customization vs. Custom Software

If you are building a business today, you need systems to be able to deliver your value proposition.  You also need systems for selling, marketing, operating and servicing your customers.  Enabling this in the past was heavily manual and process oriented.  As coding became more available, we built custom software for our organizations. Custom softwareContinue reading “Customization vs. Custom Software”

Agility As Strategy

There is a misnomer based on old ways of doing business.  Before we start, we had to have everything accounted for and figured out.  We spent much time in planning.  Of course the work was 2-dimensional at one time and we could move linearly and deliberately through planning before execution. In a connected world, thereContinue reading “Agility As Strategy” For Speed And Management

As speed and complexity continue to increase in the modern economy, managing the sales cycle effectively requires an execution and collaboration which needs to be managed.  Older sales systems were centered around contact management.  Getting the person’s address information provided enough value to the sales rep to manage a relationship. Today, people are changing moreContinue reading “ For Speed And Management”

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