Customization vs. Custom Software

If you are building a business today, you need systems to be able to deliver your value proposition.  You also need systems for selling, marketing, operating and servicing your customers.  Enabling this in the past was heavily manual and process oriented.  As coding became more available, we built custom software for our organizations. Custom softwareContinue reading “Customization vs. Custom Software”

Salesforce Is Not The Savior

We all want success in our business.  More often than not, we see a focus on technology as a savior rather than what really matters to drive success. is an extremely powerful system which is largely misunderstood for its capabilities.  The namesake affects the branding and, thus, there is a misperception that it isContinue reading “Salesforce Is Not The Savior”

Salesforce Data Migration data migration is a complex and rigorous process depending on the originating CRM database.  As consultants, there may be a transition from another CRM system we have to manage for launching a new system. We have developed a data migration strategy over the years and we wanted to share our approach here.  EachContinue reading “Salesforce Data Migration”

Overcoming Salesforce Complexity

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” – Charles Mingus When you see a system which has been over-engineered and unusable, it typically stems from a lack of clear leadership around process and strategy.  It is easy to make what is simple complex as Mingus states.  AContinue reading “Overcoming Salesforce Complexity”