4 Salesforce.com Email Template Strategies

Salesforce.com email templates are an important tool to integrate in your sales and service processes.  Your team will connect with prospects and customers with their phones or on email, both inbound and outbound.  For phone conversations, these are logged as calls and appear in the Lead or Contact’s Activity History. In the case of sendingContinue reading “4 Salesforce.com Email Template Strategies”

Salesforce Case Strategies

The Salesforce.com Case records allow you to manage support issues effectively or other processes involving a change of status or resolution of an issue.  The inherent function of Cases lends itself to the common support ticket.  Your customers can either generate their tickets or your support team can internally create Case records after retrieving informationContinue reading “Salesforce Case Strategies”

Salesforce In Real-Time

The point of having Salesforce.com run your business operations is to make decisions and drive actions in real-time.  A login from anywhere in the cloud enables your team to be plugged into the workflow and intelligence of your systems and processes, the backbone of a company.  Bring in any new person and they can executeContinue reading “Salesforce In Real-Time”

Using Salesforce Dashboards For Real-Time Execution

Salesforce.com dashboards offer the single point of intelligently running your business.  Your business should be run in real-time.  In the old days, we relied on someone who would compile information and provide a report, perhaps weekly.  If you run your business this way today, you are dealing with outdated and slow snapshots of information. RunningContinue reading “Using Salesforce Dashboards For Real-Time Execution”

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