Managing Talent Around The Goal

One of the biggest headaches I hear from the business owners I work with is around managing talent.  Building effective systems can do wonders for a business.  For one, it creates predictability.  For another, it can keep headcount low, a major cost factor. However, we need people to get things done.  They help create leverageContinue reading “Managing Talent Around The Goal”

Grow My Business – Start!

Starting or growing a business today is a great opportunity.  I hear a lot of dismay from customers and friends at the state of our down economy.  One thing is for sure: things are not the way they used to be, and they are not going back. Richard Florida has an insightful and foretelling bookContinue reading “Grow My Business – Start!”

4 Productivity Tips For Publishing Content

I spend a lot of time publishing content.  Whether you have a content marketing strategy in place, lead a team of people or have a corporate blog, there is a relentless vigilance to managing content.  I have developed some personal and team collaboration systems which have helped me to get things out of my headContinue reading “4 Productivity Tips For Publishing Content”