Bleeding For Your Work

“The older I get, the more I see how much motivations matter.  The Zune was crappy because the people at Microsoft don’t really love music or art the way we do.  We won because we personally love music.  We made the iPod for ourselves, and when you’re doing something for yourself, or your best friendContinue reading “Bleeding For Your Work”

Consideration For Others

The lack of a consideration for others is an epidemic in our culture.  The headlines are filled with examples of the battles for entitlements:  Corporate greed on Wall Street puts selfish executives in the spotlight while their companies are dissolving.  Unions seek concessions without consideration for the costs.  An employee games his expense account. AfterContinue reading “Consideration For Others”

Opportunities Await For The Diligent

The separation between talent and those who coast will continually be exposed. You can’t hide behind convoluted organizational processes anymore. You are either fast, smart or capable today or you are out. Those that are diligent and willing to pay the price will get a great reward in the new economy.

Gratitude For The Familiar

“Familiarity breeds contempt.” – Socrates Think about that quote.  It is pretty human.  Teens seek favor with strangers and marginalize their families who love them.  A new friend seems to have more allure than an old friend.  Winning a new prospect becomes a fixation rather than servicing your current customers. When you become familiar andContinue reading “Gratitude For The Familiar”

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