Strategic with Your Down Time

The business cycle with holidays, end of year and bookkeeping is an opportunity for you if you can relax and take advantage of the natural down time. Trying to force fit activities that are likely a better fit in the up times will only lead to frustration, and perhaps disfavor, with clients. Why not beContinue reading “Strategic with Your Down Time”

Thanks and Giving

We have that wonderful opportunity each day to express thanks and give to the people that come in and out of our life and work. Here’s a short list of people to consider expressing thanks towards: Someone who took initiative to help you with an opportunity A friend that was there for you in hardContinue reading “Thanks and Giving”

Consideration For Others

The lack of a consideration for others is an epidemic in our culture.  The headlines are filled with examples of the battles for entitlements:  Corporate greed on Wall Street puts selfish executives in the spotlight while their companies are dissolving.  Unions seek concessions without consideration for the costs.  An employee games his expense account. AfterContinue reading “Consideration For Others”