Manage By Outcomes

How do you know most of your work matters? There are probably a few things that matter to produce the outcomes important to an organization. Most work is simply effort and cost and does not produce meaningful results. You can see this with the ridiculing of office politics and people doing busy work in cartoonsContinue reading “Manage By Outcomes”

Give Up the Hustle

It’s not that you need to hustle to survive, it’s that you seek the hustle to thrive, and still at the expense of yourself and others. ~ DHH, Basecamp As we are closing the year, I do want to encourage readers and clients, as I have for many years, to give up the grind. MostContinue reading “Give Up the Hustle”

What Moves the Needle?

Most of the people I know are in a daze. Life is simply overwhelming. Sure, we have revolutionary technology that increases our productivity. However, are we really more productive? We can push more information and work around like never before. But much of what is being pushed around is noise. It often doesn’t have muchContinue reading “What Moves the Needle?”

Gratitude For The Familiar

“Familiarity breeds contempt.” – Socrates Think about that quote.  It is pretty human.  Teens seek favor with strangers and marginalize their families who love them.  A new friend seems to have more allure than an old friend.  Winning a new prospect becomes a fixation rather than servicing your current customers. When you become familiar andContinue reading “Gratitude For The Familiar”

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