Do They Want to Solve the Problem?

It can be hard to decipher whether people want to truly solve the problem you are thinking. But that first question can save a lot of trouble in projects, relationships and business if you can get what people want. Solving the problem you are thinking matters may not be the priority. In your work withContinue reading “Do They Want to Solve the Problem?”

Here’s How You Build Trust With Clients

It’s hard living in an imperfect world, especially with people that might expect perfectionism. Perfectionism is not realistic. There are too many variables, players on the field and unrealistic expectations to muddy the waters of doing good business. But, being in the connected human economy affords us the opportunity to work with imperfection and evenContinue reading “Here’s How You Build Trust With Clients”

You May Need a Roadmap

To build revenue and a successful path to gaining customers and freedom is a difficult and tricky undertaking. No doubt. I have spent thousands of hours coaching talented people. But I have figured out a few things and realized that there is a roadmap, a path per se, that works. There is no overnight success.Continue reading “You May Need a Roadmap”

Guaranteeing Success

The guarantee of success is music to our ears. That is what every customer, company and employee wants. We want security in our jobs. We want to know the products we buy will do as they promise – make us more money, make us more fit, make us more beautiful, etc. Guarantees meet our needContinue reading “Guaranteeing Success”