Schedule Working Meetings

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I am a big fan of working meetings. They cut through the back and forth of getting something done. It actually creates time and space to get real work done in real-time with another person or group.

Too often, we talk about the secondary stuff:

What we are going to do.

When we are going to do something.

Who should be a part of the work.

What resources are required.

In actuality, you can save a lot of time and get things moving by simply working.

So, when I see a thread going back and forth too often, my need for closure kicks in. Open loops drive me nuts after a while.

It’s inefficient to hide behind the chatter. Instead, lead. Make working meetings a part of your execution process. It’s energizing to bring together short, focused meetings to accomplish one thing. Here’s a simple way:

  1. Stop. Move an email and conversation that is going back and forth to a meeting instead. “I’m going to get us together to get this done.”
  2. Schedule. I have an article sharing best practices on putting a meeting together using your Google or Outlook calendar.
  3. Work. Open the call, online meeting or in-face time with one goal and let everyone know. “We are here to get this proposal created and emailed.”

In the meeting, simply facilitate and work. Ultimately, this is a process of leadership. You have to lead. Get the decision. Send out what you promised. Write up the new standard operating procedure.

When you find yourself procrastinating, perhaps the task feels undefined and overwhelming. A working meeting can increase the energy and motivation with other people to get clear and move bottlenecks through your pipeline of tasks.

That ability to move from talking to action is critical in an overly competitive and inattentive world. Cut through it with the determination to work with your team and customers. It’s efficient and fits the times.

You May Need a Roadmap

To build revenue and a successful path to gaining customers and freedom is a difficult and tricky undertaking. No doubt. I have spent thousands of hours coaching talented people. But I have figured out a few things and realized that there is a roadmap, a path per se, that works.

There is no overnight success. If that were so, then everyone would simply copy that template and be done with it.

No, the true path is about becoming who you are with power and clarity. Then using that to learn to increase the probabilities for opportunities.

Here is a roadmap that I like to work through as we build a relationship and eventually a venture:

  1. Subscribe to my blog. This is a great way to get to know me and hear from me weekly. Share your thoughts on Twitter and think about the content and how it lines up. I try to share out what I am about and what I learn with my clients. You can subscribe in the right sidebar to get emails when I publish.
  2. Hire me to Know Your Strengths. You will win by becoming more of who you are. It’s not going to happen by trying to copy someone else different or working in your weak areas. Successful people keep focused on their strengths and manage their weaknesses so they have more fulfillment and a straighter path. You have to know your style and approach and keep living into it with clarity.
  3. Purchase a Business Sales Roadmap. Having an efficient sales funnel that is continuous and optimized requires an understanding of how your target customers behave, where to find them and what works to attract and engage them based on their buyer profiles.You have likely tried many different sales strategies. If you have traffic, then the challenge is to understand the data and look at how to build a sales funnel that works continuously. If you lack traffic, attention or regular sales conversations, then your priority is to drive the top of the funnel and create engagement with your brand and products.
  4. Be extremely productive. If you are slow, unresponsive or inefficient, how can you expect to win? Learn how to be responsive, decisive and efficient. It allows you to take advantage of opportunities when they come and act on them with clarity of purpose and with ease in your efforts. Being ready for anything opens up the world of opportunities.
  5. Solidify your online platform. This is critical for gaining clarity about what you care about and want to share with the world. You will be forced to live into it with conviction and consistency. And conviction is compounding and attractive. People want this more as they see your passion.
  6. Grow your network. You have to be consistent, organized and purposeful about building and nurturing a strong network of people that you can add value to and that will help you get to where you are going.
  7. Serve your customer. The quality of how you service someone is critical. Learning how to build a service process that delights and has extremely high quality allows you to be stand out and be referred. That’s the hallmark of a compounding business.
  8. Growing in leadership. Executive coaching that helps your reflect, refine and continually address your challenges with actions and decisions help you stay on course, build strong teams and increase the value of your business. Leadership is a continuous journey that becomes the cornerstone of everything you venture to grow.

Yes, these steps are sequential. I have taken many people down this roadmap. You can’t skip steps. There is a psychology for you and for your customer that has to be present to create that compounding effect in your business that you might witness in others.

It’s thinking long-term with habits, clarity and focusing on what matters. It’s about you, ultimately. Who you are, how you tick and what works based on your style makes the journey highly customizable. Let me know if you are interested.