Actions that Work

Every week you have the opportunity to move the needle and get your business notching up a level. Not only do you have to get the necessary work you committed to others done in your projects and tasks, but you have to make space and time to work on your business in addition to in yourContinue reading “Actions that Work”

Don’t Confuse Leadership And Salesmen

If a person sells leadership, is your assumption that they are a leader?  Perhaps, they know that the topic is hot and they are really focused on selling you leadership.  If a person is a good salesmen, they can also persuade a lot of people to see the world their way. Whether it’s an organization,Continue reading “Don’t Confuse Leadership And Salesmen”

Strengths: Ideas Over Pragmatics

There are people who lean towards ideas and others who are grounded in pragmatics.  This is known as the Cognitive scale in our strengths testing.  You are somewhere on this scale and your scoring shows up in your tendencies. Planning may be more enjoyable than visioning.  Principles may be more appealing for conversation than howContinue reading “Strengths: Ideas Over Pragmatics”

Talent Is Required

Marketing Automation requires talent. There is a combination of different disciplines involved in successfully connecting with and nurturing a potential or existing customer. This talent can be part of an existing marketing team or hired via a marketing automation agency. Too many organizations focus on the tools and their feature sets and overlook the mostContinue reading “Talent Is Required”

Change: Same Old Script

In our management consulting, the process of change is the hardest part of success.  Implementing business systems, designing process or creating new strategies pale in comparison as far as the effort and challenge of helping people adopt new behaviors for the better. In the new book, Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard byContinue reading “Change: Same Old Script”

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