Aligning Marketing Automation With Sales Process

Marketing automation is relevant today because buyers deliberate and educate themselves before they engage.  What used to be the role of a salesperson in the sales process has shifted to buyers and their ability to self-service for information.  However, marketing automation does not alleviate the need for sales.  The handoff between the buying process andContinue reading “Aligning Marketing Automation With Sales Process”

Marketing Automation: Beyond The Boundaries

Much of old school selling happened on a personal level. Face-to-face meetings and phone calls were common. Prospects gave us attention because we had information which would help them understand something they were unfamiliar with. The new economy is digital. We can self-service on what we need education or orientation on using the internet. BuyingContinue reading “Marketing Automation: Beyond The Boundaries”

Why Marketing Automation Makes Selling Easier

Marketing automation sets up the salesperson.  It assumes something that traditional sales does not: buyers prefer self-service until they are ready to buy. If you court your buyer too early, you can violate trust.  It is intrusive and unsynced with how they would prefer to move through the process of buying. At some point, aContinue reading “Why Marketing Automation Makes Selling Easier”

Redefining The Sales Pipeline

The sales pipeline goes beyond what the salesperson does.  Traditional sales relies heavily on phone or face time with a prospect.  The sales pipeline is then based on opportunities filled with sales activities by a salesperson who has to interrupt enough people and stoke their interest for a future close date.  The sales manager thenContinue reading “Redefining The Sales Pipeline”

Overselling – The Keyboard Vs. The Mouth

Overselling today is a symptom of holding on to what does not work anymore.  Traditional marketing and sales creatively interrupted people.  The message was about talking about how great you and your products or services are.  This is what advertising, direct mail, and sales teams were used for.  Today, it misses the buyer.  They don’tContinue reading “Overselling – The Keyboard Vs. The Mouth”

Why Buyers Avoid Your Sales Process

Your sales process is about you, not about your buyer.  How soon did you want to talk to a salesperson on your last major purchase?  It was likely much later, not sooner.  The reason is that we all know once we engage a salesperson, we are going to be harassed.  This is by design.  TheContinue reading “Why Buyers Avoid Your Sales Process”

Four Brand Marketing Strategies For Your Products And Services

Your brand is far more important than your product or service. How a buyer or customer perceives you in the mind far outweighs what is already expected in your service.  We all expect quality products and great service.  Ask anyone what makes them special and the answer is typically something generic of this sort.  ThereContinue reading “Four Brand Marketing Strategies For Your Products And Services”

Positioning Your Value Far Before The Sale

My judgment of you today will be largely based on what I perceive through your positioning online.  My keyboard is too accessible and it is too convenient to search.  If this is true for everyone, then it only makes sense to have a well-designed presentation of your brand.  There are several parts to your systemContinue reading “Positioning Your Value Far Before The Sale”

Inbound Marketing Strategy With Value And Content First

It is harder than ever to build trust today, thus, you have to focus on positioning.  Bring value through content first.  How you are perceived by your prospective buyer can be affected by the work or the lack thereof you do before you meet with them.  While many salespeople are trained in outdated ways ofContinue reading “Inbound Marketing Strategy With Value And Content First”

Optimizing Conversion

The temptation is to focus on selling. This means throwing more money at how to generate leads. However, if those leads engage in an ineffective process with your organization and value proposition, then it’s like rowing harder with a hole in your boat. Patching the boat should be the priority first. It is easy toContinue reading “Optimizing Conversion”