Google Sites Blogging With Announcements Page

Within Google Sites, you can create a type of page which is called Announcements.  This is a powerful tool for helping to align your internal team or a select external team.  It is secure, private and integrated into your organization. While public blogs can be accessible by everyone, a blog within your Google Site canContinue reading “Google Sites Blogging With Announcements Page”

Gmail Search Trumps Labels

In our Google Apps consulting, we often transition organizations from a platform like Microsoft Outlook or client applications like Apple Mail or the numerous other email programs out there.  It is not atypical for users to find the transition to the Gmail interface less appealing.  After all, they were used to a user interface thatContinue reading “Gmail Search Trumps Labels”

Google Plus Integrated With Google Apps

Google Apps users can work seamlessly with social media in Google Plus.  It is now a Google App within the navigation bar.  As Google continues to make headway into the marketplace and the thaw of Facebook and Twitter occurs over time, this is a valuable app for business users. Here are some strategies to makeContinue reading “Google Plus Integrated With Google Apps”

Google Sites For Analysis And Reporting

The beauty of Google Sites is that it is secure and collaborative.  That balance allows for opportunities to work and present your services in an experiential fashion with your customers. One of the areas where Google Sites can work to provide a personal and customized branded experience for your customers is with proposals and reporting.Continue reading “Google Sites For Analysis And Reporting”

Google Docs Templates

Reinventing your documents is both tedious and unnecessary. Use Google Docs templates to be able to systematize your business workflows and process.  This increases productivity and collaboration for your team as well as drives predictability. Creating a Google Docs template for Google Spreadsheets, Docs and Presentations is done within the respective Google Doc. Lay itContinue reading “Google Docs Templates”

Google Apps Developer Strategy

Google Apps is a platform which can be extended with custom development.  When you are starting with Google Apps in your business, you gain productivity and collaboration benefits from using messaging, calendaring and document management with the Google Apps suite of cloud applications. Over time our clients learn to adopt the system as we helpContinue reading “Google Apps Developer Strategy”

Google Voice Rocks

Your Google Apps organization can take another step towards organization, productivity and automation using Google Voice.  Google Voice has a variety of ways to be customized for each user’s workflow.  I personally use Google Voice as a strategic cloud computing app in the midst of my business day.  Here are some things I do thatContinue reading “Google Voice Rocks”

Google Apps And Building A Virtual Organization

Google Apps allows you to grow an organization in the cloud.  Your team can work in a virtual manner apart from the IT headaches of traditional email, calendaring and document management systems.  This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and visionaries that understand how the new economy for talent works. In our Google Apps consulting,Continue reading “Google Apps And Building A Virtual Organization”

4 Google Apps Contacts Tips

Google Apps Contacts helps you to organize the people in your life for doing business or building relationships.  Over time, it has evolved to become more useful while retaining the signature Google simplicity in appearance and experience. As you grow your use of Google Apps, here are some productivity and collaboration tips to help youContinue reading “4 Google Apps Contacts Tips”

Gmail Rocks: Kicking Outlook To The Curb

When we set up business systems for a startup, it is easy and elegant.  We implement Google Apps.  Everyone works out of their web client to interact with their email.  It is fast.  You can search.  You can chat in real-time with your team.  The other options for productivity are numerous: There is no VPNContinue reading “Gmail Rocks: Kicking Outlook To The Curb”

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