Salesforce And Change Management has the power to run much of your business operations.  It can be continually customized, integrated and programmed to automate steps in your various business processes. As long as your requirements are clear and feasible, the work of customizing your system can be accomplished in a relatively straight forward manner.  Aligning your organization toContinue reading “Salesforce And Change Management”

4 Salesforce Lead Rating Process Tips

Managing inbound leads in requires a system and process for qualifying prospects.  If you are engaged in team selling, then coordinating data within the Lead record will become a priority.  The goal of a Lead is to be converted into an Opportunity which is tracked as a viable part of the sales pipeline andContinue reading “4 Salesforce Lead Rating Process Tips”

4 Email Template Strategies email templates are an important tool to integrate in your sales and service processes.  Your team will connect with prospects and customers with their phones or on email, both inbound and outbound.  For phone conversations, these are logged as calls and appear in the Lead or Contact’s Activity History. In the case of sendingContinue reading “4 Email Template Strategies”

Salesforce Project Management Customization

Customizing for project management allows you to extend your system to manage how you deliver your service and create a customer experience.  Marketing agencies requiring project management and service-based companies that require activity tracking and accountability can have specific requirements which differ from one company to the next.  Here are some customization approaches weContinue reading “Salesforce Project Management Customization” Consulting: Project Management For Aars | Wells Marketing Firm

Aars | Wells is a marketing and advertising firm which hired me to consult on their implementation.  They were seeking to automate their project management processes for their boutique agency.  Their approach was novel based on customizing their system for their industry.  I took some time to catch up with Alex Wells, Principal of AarsContinue reading “ Consulting: Project Management For Aars | Wells Marketing Firm”

3 Activity History Best Practices

Your activity history gives your team members and yourself context of what has happened in the past.  This allows for team selling, servicing and marketing.  The activity history keeps everyone on the same page. Part of aligning your team to your sales or service process means giving guidance on recording activities within your Salesforce.comContinue reading “3 Activity History Best Practices” Consulting: Legal Process For Prevost And Shaff Attorneys

Prevost and Shaff is a law firm which decided to automate the way they managed legal cases.  We partnered with them to customize for Matter Management for increased productivity and collaboration.  They were able to move into the cloud and keep accountability between their staff and three locations. Furthermore, they work with other attorneys, courthouses, clients andContinue reading “ Consulting: Legal Process For Prevost And Shaff Attorneys”

Customization For Personalized Sales Connections has an interesting article on the impact of data and customization for the personalized marketing experience.  As buyers, we experience this from world-class online merchants and companies that work relentlessly to provide a personalized experience.  This happens when we peruse, get educated and buy.  Our online profiles are tracked and used for presenting relevantContinue reading “Customization For Personalized Sales Connections” Consulting: Aligns Abraham Trading Company

Abraham Trading Company, a futures trading firm based in Canadian, TX, sought to improve their sales and marketing processes.  We worked together to help them work on strategy and process within as well as data migration from a client-server based CRM system. Chris Kemp took some time to share his thoughts in the interview below: Don D.Continue reading “ Consulting: Aligns Abraham Trading Company” Sales Team Alignment

Salespeople by nature are highly individualistic and tactical.  Implementing can become difficult without buy-in from your team into a system.  After all, that is what this CRM system is about.  It is a system for selling which transcends the individual, though it ultimately benefits the individual salesperson. What Salespeople Want Salespeople do not wantContinue reading “ Sales Team Alignment”

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