Change Management is a disruptive technology.  It is more than a functional tool that a single user relies on to get things out like an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document.  It is a business system which touches people and process.  Those two elements create great opportunity if you can align your team.  It is alsoContinue reading “ Change Management”

Salesforce In Real-Time

The point of having run your business operations is to make decisions and drive actions in real-time.  A login from anywhere in the cloud enables your team to be plugged into the workflow and intelligence of your systems and processes, the backbone of a company.  Bring in any new person and they can executeContinue reading “Salesforce In Real-Time”

Three Business Considerations For is one of many customer relationship management (CRM) systems on the market today.  A simple Google search will reveal the choices which abound.  It can be confusing as you are considering the technology to run your business processes. In our Salesforce consulting work, many of our customers are seeking advice on whether to chooseContinue reading “Three Business Considerations For”

Customization vs. Custom Software

If you are building a business today, you need systems to be able to deliver your value proposition.  You also need systems for selling, marketing, operating and servicing your customers.  Enabling this in the past was heavily manual and process oriented.  As coding became more available, we built custom software for our organizations. Custom softwareContinue reading “Customization vs. Custom Software”

Salesforce Lead Management Best Practices Lead records are generally anyone and everyone that has some contact or interest with your organization.  The rules for how to manage a Lead record through the sales or service process differ based on your company’s workflow and buyer experience. However, in general, Leads are those people who are not in an active salesContinue reading “Salesforce Lead Management Best Practices”

Salesforce Is Not The Savior

We all want success in our business.  More often than not, we see a focus on technology as a savior rather than what really matters to drive success. is an extremely powerful system which is largely misunderstood for its capabilities.  The namesake affects the branding and, thus, there is a misperception that it isContinue reading “Salesforce Is Not The Savior”

Using Salesforce Dashboards For Real-Time Execution dashboards offer the single point of intelligently running your business.  Your business should be run in real-time.  In the old days, we relied on someone who would compile information and provide a report, perhaps weekly.  If you run your business this way today, you are dealing with outdated and slow snapshots of information. RunningContinue reading “Using Salesforce Dashboards For Real-Time Execution”

Salesforce Workflow With Digital Signatures Get Results

Your Salesforce processes and workflows that have agreements will typically require signatures to move to completion or the next step.  Whether it is a sales contract, a service delivery completion or intellectual property management, the signature process can slow you down. When it makes sense, we implement document esignature technology like DocuSign in conjunction withContinue reading “Salesforce Workflow With Digital Signatures Get Results”

Digital Body Language In Your Activities

Digital body language is a large part of activities which are not typically recorded in records.  Sales activities in need to include how your buyer interacts with content.  Within, your sales team ideally has visibility into the the activities of prospects in the pipeline.  Today, the larger part of your prospect’s activitiesContinue reading “Digital Body Language In Your Activities”

Salesforce Process Mapping

Launching with with a few people is much easier than launching with many.  You can have a flexibility to your deployment approach when starting out because the ability to iterate in affords experimentation.  If you need new fields, then they can be added.  If certain reports are not relevant, then new ones canContinue reading “Salesforce Process Mapping”