Consulting: Simplified Process For Pets For Patriots Non-Profit

Pets For Patriots helps our military veterans and endangered dogs and cats find meaning and life together.  Their organization works with multiple parties including donors, veterans, shelters, veterinarians, volunteers and press people.  They have multiple business processes which needed to be captured and managed within Beth Zimmerman, the Founder and Executive Director of Pets ForContinue reading “ Consulting: Simplified Process For Pets For Patriots Non-Profit”

4 Salesforce Implementation Obstacles

Our consulting clients vary in how they do business and with this comes implementation successes and obstacles in our many stories.  Though is a system which can automate many processes, many things have to come together to make it successful in your business. From our vantage point we have seen some obstacles toContinue reading “4 Salesforce Implementation Obstacles”

Salesforce Opportunity Contact Roles Opportunity records constitute the building blocks of your sales pipeline and forecasting.  Each deal past, present and future should contain all the relevant information for a first sales opportunity or an upsell opportunity.  Accounts can and should have multiple opportunities associated with it based on each and every deal your team is able toContinue reading “Salesforce Opportunity Contact Roles”

Salesforce Lead Qualification

If your sales process depends on qualifying leads, then using Lead records to manage a Lead pipeline would be strategic for ensuring a continuous pipeline.  Ensuring a management process for your Lead management will ensure that your sales team is spending their time on high probability sales. However, if your process is not contingent onContinue reading “Salesforce Lead Qualification”

3 Salesforce Documents Collaboration Tips Documents is an integral part of the overall system which your organization can use to align your team’s processes and execution.  Security and sharing are part of the Salesforce Documents object structure.  Making this part of how you get business should consider these strategies: Organize By Folders. As you store resources for various partsContinue reading “3 Salesforce Documents Collaboration Tips”

5 Process Mapping Tips

Your system is only as good as your business processes.  If your processes are not well-defined or controlled, then you will only have a giant database, not a system.  There will not be the thrust you were hoping for to power your various parts of your organization. Process mapping is both strategy and planning.Continue reading “5 Process Mapping Tips” Customer Options For Success

Being a good consulting customer boils down to the military’s mantra quote of Thomas Paine: “Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.” For that matter, it works for any customer of any service: Option 1:  Lead If you know what you are doing and you understand your process and systems thoroughly,Continue reading “ Customer Options For Success”

Salesforce Mass Email Strategies at its basic level is a one-to-one customer focused system.  You can manage individual relationships and have direct context, history and action steps for future steps. The tactical and personal handling of Leads, Contacts and Opportunities allow for specific handling of your sales or service process. On a mass scale, marketing may have otherContinue reading “Salesforce Mass Email Strategies”

Salesforce Case Strategies

The Case records allow you to manage support issues effectively or other processes involving a change of status or resolution of an issue.  The inherent function of Cases lends itself to the common support ticket.  Your customers can either generate their tickets or your support team can internally create Case records after retrieving informationContinue reading “Salesforce Case Strategies”

Smart Lead Assignment

Inbound leads are the lifeblood of your sales process.  How prospects get assigned in depends on a few factors such as: Your sales team roles.  Is your team divided by industry, geography or another factor altogether? Volume of inbound leads. Dealing with large numbers is different than small numbers.  If your lead generationContinue reading “Smart Lead Assignment”