Salesforce Contact Roles Orient Your Team

The Opportunity record keeps the details of a deal together. This should be customized to capture all the details for closing a sale. This can include: Information about the deal Files supporting the sale Pipeline and probability information Activities with people One of the important parts to keep your team coordinated is understanding whoContinue reading “Salesforce Contact Roles Orient Your Team”

Salesforce Opportunity Contact Roles Opportunity records constitute the building blocks of your sales pipeline and forecasting.  Each deal past, present and future should contain all the relevant information for a first sales opportunity or an upsell opportunity.  Accounts can and should have multiple opportunities associated with it based on each and every deal your team is able toContinue reading “Salesforce Opportunity Contact Roles”

When Preparation Meets Opportunity

In our last ezine article we wrote about how to outlast your competition. Some of our readers found a discretionary point in the content. The idea of luck may or may not resound with you. Let me take this opportunity to talk about the idea of luck. I share the same definition as Oprah onContinue reading “When Preparation Meets Opportunity”

Separating From Your Competition

Phil is sitting in my office with complete determination that he is going to do whatever it takes to grow his business. We have the typical conversation. He believes he brings a lot of value to his customers. I agree with him. People need the service he has to offer. I ask him a simpleContinue reading “Separating From Your Competition”

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