You Need Strategy

Many times when we are working in the grind we get so busy that we can’t see the forest from the trees. You may be working hard, but your hard work may be on things that don’t contribute to the bigger priorities. It’s why having a regular and focused time for strategy keeps you fromContinue reading “You Need Strategy”

Always Monitor Relevance

I went through a lot of old digital files recently in my Google Drive as part of a pruning day. I had everything from client projects from years ago to books I was working on to consulting and coaching tools for strategy. The vast majority of information was irrelevant to what I am doing today.Continue reading “Always Monitor Relevance”

How to Drive Clarity

Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing? Is the work you have been doing for many years as relevant today, or are you having to unlearn and reinvent? I think that effort and working hard are relatively natural for many driven and successful people that I know. The hard part is theContinue reading “How to Drive Clarity”

The Value of Bookends

Starting something means you committed in some way. You gave a, “Yes,” and now you are in. Your new yes is one of the items that are in your life and now demands attention, whether small or large. The temptation is always there to commit on the front end. A moment of inspiration, someone else’sContinue reading “The Value of Bookends”

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