Delegate with the Imperative

When we are working in teams, the amount of energy we spend trying to get everyone moving in the same direction can be exhausting. Many of the meetings we conduct are to get clarity. With the onslaught of information coming into everyone’s life, we can’t assume everyone’s head is clear, much less understanding what youContinue reading “Delegate with the Imperative”

Set Important Decisions to Opt-out

There is such a thing as decision fatigue. Your willpower and ability to make effective decisions changes over the course of a day from mental weariness. When it comes to trying to respond and keep up with the demands of knowledge work, it’s hard to stay sharp and it’s easy to push out things thatContinue reading “Set Important Decisions to Opt-out”

The Value of Bookends

Starting something means you committed in some way. You gave a, “Yes,” and now you are in. Your new yes is one of the items that are in your life and now demands attention, whether small or large. The temptation is always there to commit on the front end. A moment of inspiration, someone else’sContinue reading “The Value of Bookends”

All You Have to Think About

The next thing. Isn’t that it? It sounds simple. It is simple. But it’s hard. It’s simple and hard. The ability to be clear about the next thing is not common. Most people you encounter dialogue or procrastinate around decisions and actions that could be made quickly. In other words, there’s not a lot ofContinue reading “All You Have to Think About”

Fooled by the Law of Diminishing Returns

At some point, the effort and cost are not worth it anymore. The Law of Diminishing Returns kicks in when building a business or even building a life. More investment of your time, money and attention may initially have high returns, but then at some point, the rewards taper. Will more efficiency make a large impactContinue reading “Fooled by the Law of Diminishing Returns”

Entrepreneurs Thrive on Resilience

A key differentiator in the marketplace and a way you can compete is to be more resilient than the next person. Resilience comes from both resolve and determination to stick things out when you don’t see an answer, or if you do see an answer, keeping on course until you see the outcome you wantContinue reading “Entrepreneurs Thrive on Resilience”

Busy or Productive?

We run into the challenge every knowledge worker is facing today.  We are all overwhelmed.  There are more emails than what we know what to do with.  There are more phone calls than we can return.  There is more news than we can absorb. Information moves with such abundance and ease that it is hardContinue reading “Busy or Productive?”

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