Salesforce Management And Customization For Endai

Endai Worldwide is in the lead generation business with leads of their own from all over the world. Based out of New York City, Endai has its team distributed and working online within lead qualification is managed within a Lead record from various sources and distributed for its sales process. AscendWorks helped toContinue reading “Salesforce Management And Customization For Endai”

Chapman Injury Collaborates In The Cloud

Neil Chapman works on injury cases in Evansville, IN via his law practice. The process of managing the documentation, communications and tasks around a personal injury case requires collaboration within his team and outside firms including hospitals, insurance adjusters and other legal firms. The workflow for moving a case from the  initial client inquiry toContinue reading “Chapman Injury Collaborates In The Cloud”

Inbound Marketing Consulting Project With Pets For Patriots

We finished off an inbound marketing system project with Pets For Patriots and they announced it on the wire today. Their system has an array of automation tools that help to nurture and transact with site visitors. They have a neat cause for our nation’s patriots and endangered pets.  Be sure to take a visitContinue reading “Inbound Marketing Consulting Project With Pets For Patriots” Consulting: Project Management For Aars | Wells Marketing Firm

Aars | Wells is a marketing and advertising firm which hired me to consult on their implementation.  They were seeking to automate their project management processes for their boutique agency.  Their approach was novel based on customizing their system for their industry.  I took some time to catch up with Alex Wells, Principal of AarsContinue reading “ Consulting: Project Management For Aars | Wells Marketing Firm” Consulting: Legal Process For Prevost And Shaff Attorneys

Prevost and Shaff is a law firm which decided to automate the way they managed legal cases.  We partnered with them to customize for Matter Management for increased productivity and collaboration.  They were able to move into the cloud and keep accountability between their staff and three locations. Furthermore, they work with other attorneys, courthouses, clients andContinue reading “ Consulting: Legal Process For Prevost And Shaff Attorneys” Consulting: Aligns Abraham Trading Company

Abraham Trading Company, a futures trading firm based in Canadian, TX, sought to improve their sales and marketing processes.  We worked together to help them work on strategy and process within as well as data migration from a client-server based CRM system. Chris Kemp took some time to share his thoughts in the interview below: Don D.Continue reading “ Consulting: Aligns Abraham Trading Company” Consulting: Simplified Process For Pets For Patriots Non-Profit

Pets For Patriots helps our military veterans and endangered dogs and cats find meaning and life together.  Their organization works with multiple parties including donors, veterans, shelters, veterinarians, volunteers and press people.  They have multiple business processes which needed to be captured and managed within Beth Zimmerman, the Founder and Executive Director of Pets ForContinue reading “ Consulting: Simplified Process For Pets For Patriots Non-Profit”

Marketing Automation For Smart Lighting Solutions Provider

Redwood Systems provides intelligent lighting solutions for businesses across the world. They provide cost savings to large businesses that want to control energy, temperature and lighting via their control panel platform. Redwood Systems hired AscendWorks to advise them on managing their inbound leads and implementing marketing automation campaigns with lead scoring, lead nurturing and salesContinue reading “Marketing Automation For Smart Lighting Solutions Provider”

KBL Drives Collaboration With Google Apps

  KBL is a leading CPA firm in New York City which services and advises its clients on accounting and business problems. Their clients are emerging businesses as well as large, established enterprises. As the new economy continually reshapes how we work, KBL’s service process required more agility at lower cost. Our team at AscendWorksContinue reading “KBL Drives Collaboration With Google Apps”

SomnoMed Inbound Marketing Systems And Sales Process

SomnoMed produces a dental device to alleviate sleep apnea. They work with dental and sleep professionals across the country to educate and partner with them on how to fabricate and sell their custom devices. Their field sales team worked with dentists and sleep professionals to move them through an educational process which was necessary for drivingContinue reading “SomnoMed Inbound Marketing Systems And Sales Process”

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