What Do You Want to Be CAPABLE Of?

That is the question to ask. It is not, what will provide for me? Or what gains me prestige? Or what can I accomplish? These are all limiting questions. How do you expand yourself…yes, you as a man or woman walking this earth for a finite period of time till dust reclaims you? Todd Skinner’sContinue reading “What Do You Want to Be CAPABLE Of?”

Criticism is Not Failing

Seth Godin states in Purple Cow that, “We’ve been raised with a false belief: We mistakenly believe that criticism leads to failure.” I agree with Godin’s assessment. Look at the winner’s around you who are novel in their approach to business and life. They handle criticism as part of their learning. There is only winningContinue reading “Criticism is Not Failing”

Knowledge Gain For Personal Growth

I like the statement from John Maxwell I found in Tim Sanders’ Love is the Killer App: “You only gain knowledge from two sources: the people you know and the books you read.” How true this is. We get real substantive and life-giving information from our learnings and our networks. Charlie Jones stated, “The onlyContinue reading “Knowledge Gain For Personal Growth”