The Attention-Starved Reality of Selling

Infinite choice

How do you stand out and sell in a world of infinite choice, easy access and endless world-class products? We have too much of everything. But we are limited in our ability to give attention to everything.

We can only read one book at a time, use one product at a time and talk to one person with full attention at any given moment.

The world has been inverted. Entire channels have been opened up for everyone to participate and get started. The hard part is not getting access anymore. That’s the previous advantage industrial age companies and brands had.

You can put out whatever you like. If you want to make a song or podcast, it’s easy to work it and get it published.

If you want to sell some of your line of products, you can open up a BigCommerce store and start posting  your wares with snazzy pictures and catchy copy.

I am putting a thought out today by simply writing and pushing the “Publish” button. It’s out there for the world to consume and use.

The product is the easier part today. The harder part is selling within an economy of scarce attention and endless options.

While the opportunity is immense, we are constrained by what makes business what it is – people. You still have to attract someone to pay attention. Then move that person through desire and intrigue. The selling is a human process that requires care and connection with where someone is at to be able to appeal to their deepest desires.

And it’s a hard nut to crack on a mass scale as well within the intimate part of the sales funnel where someone says, “Yes.”

It’s a game of process, consistency and acumen to dial into the point of resonance. The world is indeed flatter. Everyone can play now with products they want to sell. The question is whether you will be strategic and personal in your approach to selling or simply throw noise that gets ignored out into the world.

What’s your strategy?

Need one? Send me a note.

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I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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