Be a Person of Great Value

How many caller id calls have you ignored? How many emails simply go unanswered? We are all suffering from attention deficit and most people have to keep the noise out and focus just to survive and get what they think is important done. If you are not a person of value in someone’s busy workdayContinue reading “Be a Person of Great Value”

Don’t Start if You Are Not Going to be Consistent

The labor it used to take to simply set something up is lost on this next generation. I can tell my kids don’t relate to the pain I try vainly to communicate when it comes to how hard it was to set up websites, IT systems and even getting your message out. The people thatContinue reading “Don’t Start if You Are Not Going to be Consistent”

Most Things Are a No

I like to start my days working my ongoing Gmail Task list. The best way to complete a project is to simply delete it, forget about it and move on. So, the first thing I do is eliminate tasks and projects that may have originated with sincere intentions but lack impact towards my goals today.Continue reading “Most Things Are a No”

Growth Hacking Approach to Avoid Stupid Selling

Manners matter. We know that interrupting people face-to-face is rude and can be quite embarrassing. Our social norms make it too risky to attempt to force our agendas and wills upon people we encounter in person. However, with distance and virtualization, there are still the unimaginative souls who persist in trying to violate basic manners.Continue reading “Growth Hacking Approach to Avoid Stupid Selling”

Solve Your Slow Workflow Now

Most people are in utter chaos. Try calling someone today in the middle of the day and a random sampling will show you how frenzied and reactive most people are operating. Our heads are spinning from the ridiculous amount of information, most which does not matter. But we still have to give attention to theContinue reading “Solve Your Slow Workflow Now”

Growth Hacking by Networking with the Business Cycle

If you notice there’s a weekly business cycle. Try getting someone’s attention on a Monday morning and you will find unreturned calls and a frenetic pace. Now try touching base with people on Friday mornings and you have a much more relaxed conversation on the phone. There is a weekly cycle we are on, andContinue reading “Growth Hacking by Networking with the Business Cycle”

Use Growth Hacking To Test Your Ideas×445.jpg Can you imagine simply starting 5 different entrepreneurial ideas at once? With the simple constraint of time, you would naturally minimize your risks and attention and use growth hacking strategies that would help you figure out what is worth investing further attention towards. That’s the beauty of a world where we have digitized ourContinue reading “Use Growth Hacking To Test Your Ideas”

The Attention-Starved Reality of Selling

How do you stand out and sell in a world of infinite choice, easy access and endless world-class products? We have too much of everything. But we are limited in our ability to give attention to everything. We can only read one book at a time, use one product at a time and talk toContinue reading “The Attention-Starved Reality of Selling”

Think Big But Work Small

There’s no shortage of opportunities today. In fact, it’s cheaper and more convenient than ever to envision and put an idea you may have into play. Imagine trying to make your idea happen in the 1960’s. It would be both extremely expensive and difficult to get it out for others to even take notice. That’sContinue reading “Think Big But Work Small”

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